Bake of the week! 05/01/2014

We thought for the first recipe of the year, we would make something quick and easy but also healthy to start the new year after all the crazy festivities. Pitta Bread. mmm... Thats right, the best pitta bread that will ever cross your lips, simple, but the best.

We're true believers that home made bread is better than anything you'll buy in a shop and with this recipe just as quick too. We've used this recipe before and the pitta is perfect if your looking for a healthy start to the year. You'll find yourself coming back to this recipe time and time again for your fix. You can tweak the pitta a little to add more flavour with a teaspoon of whichever spice or herb that takes your fancy. We recommend cutting it in half and filling it with salad, a nice sauce and burger/falafel/tuna/meatballs/chicken/etc. Go on, try it for the week ahead!

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