Bake of the week! Vegan Crepes.

Sorry it's a bit later than usual guys, Izzy decided she's had enough of her fur so the house was one giant fur ball, hence operation clean up. Anyway, we're easing into this year gently so no gigantic pull your hair out bakes. Maximum flavour with minimum time? Pancakes (crepes if we're being picky). Laura loves pancakes! She eats like a sparrow then proceeds to shove pancakes down her throat like it's her last day on Earth.
This is a great vegan pancake recipe that tastes exactly the same as a non-vegan batter. They take a little longer to cook but who minds waiting for pancakes on a Sunday morning? The only thing we changed was almond milk as our milk substitute. Personally, we think you can't beat lemon and sugar drizzled over the pancakes, generously of course. Try it biatch.


  1. My mouth is watering so much! So many people in my life have mentioned pancakes today and now this! omnomnomnonnom! :D
    Ellie,xx - New follower!
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    1. Ooh! So glad you like it :) I've just checked out your blog and I like :D x