Christmas Postman.

Quick note, only a small post today, Laura's feeling extra poorly.
Yes, we know it's a bit late (maybe extremely) but we just had to share what the postman brought around Christmas. Laura took part in Vicki from A Life of Geekery's blogger secret Santa so we were excited to see what our Santa picked us! We were given to Rachel from Happy Chapess and she did very well.  Laura got a new lavender hottie (which is her new favorite and already been used to death) so she obviously took the time to choose something special for someone with M.E. Thank you!
We just had to show you another delivery from Laura's friend with M.E because it was just so lovely. It had 6 dog chews in (2 for each dog), a little something for Barley the rabbit, a little pocket tissue cover and a yummy marshmallow kit that we can't wait to try. Thank you too!
Just a little bit of news on the end, the flat was inhabitable so moving's a no go at the moment. Although, it does mean more saving time and lots more time snuggled up with Scamp.

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