Happy New Year.

written by Laura.
Yes, it is officially 2014! We don't normally celebrate New Year due to our horrific bad luck, but this year is different seeing as 2013 was the best year we've had ever. By. Far. We saw the New Year in snuggled in bed with Scamp, watching Graham Norton (love that show) and looking at sofas online. Perfect.

What happened in 2013?
We started this awesome blog (even if we say so ourselves) and threw ourselves into the blogging community, and even got to speak to some of our favourite bloggers! proof. We're extremely proud of this little space here. Then, our best friend moved to Oz! Lucky bastard. We got to see him before Christmas and he is so so happy, we're so excited for him even if we won't get to see him until 2015. We have also got a lot more help with a very poorly me. After 4 years we finally managed to get a home nurse, a physio and an occupational therapist, all in one go! The OT and physio got us to urgent on the housing list, leading onto the next amazing point. We've been offered a flat! Yes, that's right, our very own place! Hopefully it will turn out great, meaning a whole lotta posts for you, if you'd like? I would suggest following us on Instagram and Twitter to see how it's going *crazy grin*. We've made a new very close (and lovely) friend who also has severe m.e, all through this wonderful blog, it's allowed us to meet new people and grown my confidence off line too. Also this year, Michael finally passed his driving test (not his fault, arsehole examiners) which meant we could get a car making things much easier with getting out and about, seeing Izzy too! I can honestly say I've never felt so safe as when my mans driving (no travel sickness too).

So we're looking forward to 2014 and everything it will bring (ahhhhh), but we'll be sharing our journey with you so you better start following our Instagram! Now, we're not resolution type people but we thought it would be cool to set ourselves a few little goals to try to achieve by 2015. You can keep up with us, and slap our wrists when we're slacking but we're superheroes, we can do anything.
  • Go banger racing, it is awesome.
  • Get a cat (Izzy would go crazy for a little friend).
  • Move into our own place, keep your fingers crossed please.
  • Do a completely new bake every week. We know how much you love our Bake Of The Week?
  • Michael's going to learn some HTML so we can personalise this blog a hell of a lot more.
  • My goal is to read 3 books a month and do reviews on every single one of them. I love reading but it's hard with m.e so hopefully I can keep up with this, I'm sure you'll all support me along the way.
  • Reach 50 followers on bloglovin'. Bam.
So welcome to 2014! We hope it brings you everything you wish for and you're happy, it's all that matters. How are you feeling about 2014? Do you have any goals?


  1. I'm so excited to see how this year develops for you. Congratulations on the flat! Getting flat with your partner is very exciting because it's all your own to do with as you please! My top tip for harmonious cohabiting would be to get a dishwasher if you can afford it at all… ;)

    1. We're lucky with that as I'm bedbound so Michael has to do it all :S I can't wait for the day I can do the washing up ;)

  2. Happy New Year! And congratulations on getting your own place - it's fab but if you're anything like me, you'll soon fill it up with pretty clutter and all sorts of silly things! :-) x

    1. Happy New Year to you too! Don't worry we've already got quite a collection hoarded at my Nans :P

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