Shake it like a polaroid picture.

Right, here's our other 'other weekly' Monday series. I know we love looking at other bloggers' photos so we thought why not share ours on this here blog. As you will know if you're a frequent visitor, last week we took a little trip to a little cottage in the middle of the countryside for Michael's Birthday. It was bliss.

 night time over the barn / beautiful kitchen / open living area / gorgeous view from the sofa.

 my Birthday breakfast / my mini Birthday muffin / delicious dinner / gooey muffin centre.

 Izzy watching pheasants / her spot / smoooth / so cute & very tired.

 GBK rocks / juiciest oranges ever / burgers to cheer us up coming home / selfie pout.

  a Marvel marathon / my new favourite watch / playing Pandemic / Laura's dream lunch.

 sleeping beauties / evening walk / a very snuggly week / us.

p.s. Thank you to Cottages 4 You for being so so so helpful.

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