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written by Laura.
I've been delving into many blogs since last Christmas (just look at my bloglovin' feed) and am a true blog junky, so for 2014 i thought it was only fair for me to share 14 of my favourite blogs to read. Suffering from severe m.e and being permanently bedbound means that blogs/blogging is a real escape for me, not only reading the most magical of blogs but the blogging community is amazing. If you do anything in 2014, make sure it involves taking a peek into the lives and loves of the 14 lovely ladies below.
Vivianna Does Makeup - Now. One of my all time favourite blogs. Yup. You read a post by the lovely Anna and you'll see what I mean. She seems so friendly and all her posts make you feel like it's a chat over coffee and cake with an old friend, the best writing style. Ever.

Sunny Sweet Pea - First, her dog Pip is so sweet, just read her blog for that, 'kay? Sunny Sweet Pea has everything, but she makes *everything* interesting. You'll find book and film reviews, lots of amazing photos and little peaks into Jenny's life in Norfolk. You have to look at her Year In Photos, you'll be enchanted.

e-elise etc - This is the perfect blog for the crafter in you, even better that it's so well laid out and easy to read. I find Erin's blog one of the easiest to read and relax with, filled with a little something of everything, this blog is the one I get most inspiration for my own little space if the internet.

Mo'Adore - I love this Scottish lass! No, seriously, she's the sort of girl you know you want to hang out with. Moray's blog is filled with a little bit of everything and a lot of awesomeness (veggie and cruelty free), can you tell I'm hooked? If you're not sure then you must read her Linkables features on a Friday. Do it!

Miss Jojangles - Jojo is one of the most loveliest girls you'll find in the blogging community and it really shines through in her posts. This blog is so good for people with m.e who are feeling a little blue, in fact, I've never read a down post from Jojo. Magical.

Lisette Loves - Another lovely lady who everyone in the blogging world wants to know, i'm sure of it. Lisette's blog is just so nice? Nahh, awesome, definitely. I don't know what else to say other than read her Thankful Thursdays.

Veggieful - A couple sharing their vegan lifestyle down under, sounds like bliss huh? Luckily, their blog allows us to live a bit through them and their recipes and photos are just beautiful. You need to pop over to this blog, even if it's just to see the wonderful design, it truly is the cutest design I've come across in blog land.

From Roses - I've been reading From Roses for the past year and I never seem to get bored of it! Rebecca is not only gorgeous (those tattoos!) but her photos always look so beautiful and effortless, it's so easy to get caught up in. She's also written a few more personal posts this year that were so well written for such sensitive subjects; Love Thyself it's allowedTo Remember Them.

NatuRia Beauty - It's so bloody hard trying to find a decent English natural beauty blog but Ria's has got it all! I completely trust all of her reviews and love finding new skincare products to try out (ill doesn't mean bad skin). If you're an eco/natural but like me then I suggest you start reading!

Little Winter - The blog that made me want to start my own. And the blog I shove in Michael's face most often. A couple that make blogging as a two look effortless (no shove your fingers down your throat moments), where we take most inspiration from. I love the way Katy blogs, including all of her little family, and they've just bought their own house so I think instagram is a must.

Fifi Mcgee - She seems pretty crazy to me, an infectious crazy. This is how I get my fix of Brighton from my bed, and she's the girl to give you a guided tour. I just love looking at her pictures when I'm too tired to read properly, she's enchanting and her photos are always perfect.

Lottie's Little Kitchen - I don't know what to say other than I love reading this blog. Lottie is a student who still manages to make her food cheap and beautiful, she makes cooking look so easy! For some reason, for me, it's just such a relaxing blog and I make sure I read every single post.  I especially loved reading about her Australian adventures which you can read all about here (so jealous).

Student Life: the diary of a poor girl - Bridget Jones, eat your heart out. I haven't been reading this blog long but god, it gives me the giggles. A student with a 'get what you see' attitude that makes her a breathe of fresh air in the blogging world, although not for the prude!

Cider with Rosie -I've emailed a few bloggers for advice but not all were so kind as Rosie (some didn't even replied so...) and i didn't feel like an utter idiot after either so win-win. This is one of the first blogs i go to when i load the laptop up, it's just so beautifully done, and come on, who doesn't love a good nosey into someone else's life?! I especially love her interviews with the blogs in her sidebar, the latest being here.

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