written by Laura.
Just a warning, this is going to be one hell of a rant. How many of you love Topshop? And how long have you been shopping there? What is the age of my younger sister who looks around Topshop? 12. Now, normally there wouldn't be a problem with this. Until yesterday. I like Topshop and for the past 3 years I've been buying my pants from there but I no longer feel able to. "Why?" You ask?
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I was browsing the internet yesterday (as a lot of bedbound do) when I clicked onto the Topshop website, only to see a stick thin malnutritioned model advertising their lounge wear. See here. Now, I looked at this through my anorexia eyes and immediately felt, for lack of a better term, fat. Then, as a big sister to 5 I thought about how this would make my curvy younger sisters feel and I was sooo not happy. At. All. Some people may say I'm being stupid but more and more girls are becoming anorexic every single day, and everyone is becoming more curvy as time goes on. So, why not use a larger model? They don't have to be big guys, but please, at least a size 8 people! I'm a size 6 but I don't ever want my sisters to end up in my position which is why I try to support them and help them through knowing how bad anorexia can be. But, why would I waste energy doing this when they're going to leave the house, or only pick up their phones, and be bombarded with pictures of half naked (don't even get me started on that side), stick thin, supposedly *beautiful* women. I'm pretty disappointed that in this day and age, where we've progressed so much, we are still too stupid to see that skinny isn't beautiful, you are.
p.s. For support with an eating disorder go to Beat, a charity that has saves a lot of lives.


  1. Hi Laura,
    I do agree that these models need to be bigger as in a size 8 to 10. I suffered with ana before I got ill with ME - possible link there. I was always fat and wanted to loose weight which I did but I didn't feel small enough so my eating got out of hand. I do believe that the media had a big roll in this. I'm now fully recovered, but I'm still drawn in by the media and what it says is beautiful, but I can take a step back and see it as it is.
    Thanks for sharing,

    1. Thank you :) the media have a lot to answer for! I'm glad you've recovered (I think?) :D x