2 Weeks Notice.

Here comes another one! We've got another bunch of goodies from around the interwebs to share with you today.
  •  And i'd like to start it of with my song of the week (i find songs and then get them stuck in my head and won't stop singing them) from Billy Lockett. 
  •  Who wouldn't want this little guy? If we had a place of our own we'd snap him up.
  • We're really not a fan of Katie Hopkins (don't think many people are) and i don't think she's keen on making any friends here.
  • Joy the baker inspired us on her trip to Uganda - go have a look.
  • Laura loves posts on wardrobe staples like this, so if your into fashiony stuff too, you might need this in your life.
  • Everyone loves their four legged best friend, you need to read this post by Always with Yoo.
Share some of your favorites from around the interwebs with us in the commments!

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