Shake it like a polaroid picture (mark 4)

We have a shed load of photos for you today and hopefully some exciting news tomorrow *taps side of nose*. We went away a couple of weeks ago, back to the lovely little cottage we shared with you in our very first picture post for some peace and quiet. Boy, did it do us good. So here's you go...

us / doing my chores / munching a GBK / snuggling outside

 Izzy in the car (just after being sick) / having a sniff / listening out / cat curled

 fruit bowl / delicious Rogan Josh / salmon with a butternut reduction / Laura's GBK

 room for 2? / car selfie / talking to Mum / lots of cuddles

 bacony carbonara / lamb burgers and pasta / saucy chicken wings / meaty GBK

 wind surfers / a couple of pheasants / quirks of the barn / we do love to be beside the sea side


Bake of the week! 30/03/2014

This week we got a special shop from Ocado (post coming soon) full of lovely vegan and gluten-free goodies. Cue new awesome recipe! I'm sure all you bakers out there know how hard it is to make the perfect cookie, a slight crisp outside with a deliciously gooey inside, everyone loves a gooey inside. Also Laura's now crossed over to the gluten-free side of life so now all of our recipes will be GF and vegan, but don't worry, just as tasty! Welcome Oh She Glows' Chocolate Chip Cookies.

Honestly, these are the best cookies we've ever made and, dare i say, had. Yes they are that good! I think the almond flour helps with the chewiness and gives a lovely subtle almond flavour with a winning texture. However, they didn't cook quite like the recipe said. Let us just say our oven isn't the best so that may affect it, but the cookies didn't drop and spread like they were meant to so i had to push them down at intervals myself. Also they were meant to take 10 minutes but they ended up taking 30. Don't worry though, they're worth it! Best. Cookies. Ever.


Thankful Thursday | 1

a post by Laura
We're taking a leaf out of Lisette Loves' book and joining in on the 'Thankful Thursday' series, but, with an M.E twist. So, every Thursday I'm going to be sharing one thing I'm grateful for even though I have M.E because I am sure you all know how easy it is to get a bit down in the dumps. So here we go:

photo borrowed from Cider With Rosie
This week I am thankful for:
1 - Being able to see all the pretty blogger pictures of what Spring is bringing to the world.


2 Weeks Notice.

It's time for a few of our favourite links from the past 2 weeks for you to click away at to your hearts content. So here's ya go:

  • You need to read the Brown Eyed Baker's post to see the truth of being a multiple dog owner. Fun. You can find it here.
  • The RSPCA are upping the ante with a new campaign: Makeover The World targeting the 10 biggest beauty companies to try to work on erasing all traces of animal testing around the world.
  • Laura stumbled across I Can Build A Blog, an awesome resource for bloggers who need a little help with the technical side of writing (aka. Us).
  • Suzie from Hello October has got us longing to wander the streets of Brighton. Lucky lady.
  • Anyone with M.E should definitely take part in The Big Sleep for ME, a way to make a stand from the comfort of your bed.


Bake of the week! 23/03/2014

We went away for a few days this week, so baking was off the menu. But, we haven't let you down yet have we? So this post is full of 4 wonderful recipes we've had our eyes on which will be whipped up in the very near future.

  1.  Peanut Butter, Banana and Chickpea Cookies
  2. Vegan Gluten-Free Cranberry Orange Bagels
  3. Lemon Blackberry Breakfast Cookies
  4. Quinoa Fruit and Nut Bars
As you will probably notice all of these recipes are vegan and gluten-free (Laura's beginning the crossover) so it's a little sneak peak of what's to come in our most popular posts. So, you can either go give these a whirl yourselves or wait to see if you like the look of our attempts. Fingers crossed.


Bake of the week! 16/03/2014

Best. Bread. Ever. Everyone needs an amazing basic bread recipe that you go back to time and time again. Well, we found it ladies and gentleman. We tried a similar recipe in a bread maker, but that failed miserably so i whipped one up by hand and boy, is it yummy. It's a Whole Wheat Honey Oatmeal Bread. Wanna see?

The recipe says to use a bread tin, but as you'll see, we didn't. That's perfectly fine, just roll it up like a swiss roll and it will keeps it's shape while rising and baking. You also might notice that our loaf is a bit of a beast, but that means all the more for us. Basically you need to bake this bread!

We'd just like to say Thank You to all our followers for sticking by us even when we've been a little absent from this blog. We received an amazing email saying we have 50 followers on Bloglovin so we'll try our best to keep pleasing you!


2 Weeks Notice.

Laura had to go to Hospital last night due to stomachs troubles so we're sorry if this post is a little rusty. But, we've matched how Laura's feeling so there's a lot of videos to just sit back and enjoy.

  • These guys are... Wow! You'll definitely want to learn an instrument after this.
  • If you like dreaming about amazing places to stay in the world, then you need to this post.
  • This is a good parody of a very popular YouTube video, a must see! 
  • If you're anything like Laura then you'll be buying the whole of the Lush Easter collection.
  • Finishing off, well... Just watch it! 


Bake of the week! 09/03/2014

Hmmm... lets just say this isn't out most successful bake, though that could be down to the fact that we were missing a few ingredients. This wasn't a complete fail, it was nice, just not what we expected. However, if you do have all the ingredients then i would definitely make it and let us know how it turned out for you. What is it? Coconut, Lemon Banana Bread.

The banana's we used were still a little green, and when making banana bread bruised bananas are the way to go. We also didn't have any lemons, so no lemon zest and juice from a bottle. Then, no wholemeal flour either which meant a lot of white flour, hence the doughiness. So if you're giving a go make sure you are a little more prepared than us, and we're sure it will be delicious. It's safe to say we've learnt our lesson!
As you can see there's a load of crap on top, that's vegan white chocolate we added to try and zazz it up. You can buy some here.


We watch way too much TV.

As many of you will know, being I'll goes hand in hand with lots of crap TV. But, for us, there's a more exciting part to turning on the box. Adverts. Yep, we know, most of you leave the room when they come on but when you can't you actually end up enjoying some of them! So, here's our favourite 5 adverts from the past drizzly month.
the Three #singingkitty advert

James Corden Cadbury advert

the haribo boardroom advert

Freeview cat and budgie

The Times / Sunday Times icons advert


Shake it like a polaroid picture (mark 3)

This series seems to  be going down a treat! Everyone likes taking a good look at what someone's life really looks like, the good, the bad and the ugly. The past 2 weeks have been very animal orientated (that pretty much sums up our life) so these photo's definitely reflect that. We even managed to get a little bit of sunshine in there for you, Spring will come my pretties.

Izzy sniffing those pigeons out / lots of cuddles / a walk around the park in the sunshine

cuddling bunnies / morning snuggles / best granola ever / awesome tee

Oh, and because it's pancake day tomorrow (Laura's favourite event of the year) we thought we'd link in our Crepe Bake Of The Week for a super quick and tasty vegan recipe. Also, last week we did 2 very important posts on M.E and Anorexia so please go take a look.


Bake of the week! 02/03/2014

As you would have read this week, Laura also suffers from anorexia so we look for any easy way to get protein into her. Enter this Chickpea and Tomato Bread. It's the perfect accompaniment to so many winter warmers, or in a toasted sandwich of course. 

We think that the bread needed a little more umph, so we suggest adding half a teaspoon of salt into the mix, to bring out those flavours. You could also make this bread go with any sweet treat you might have in mind by taking out the tomatoes and herbs and adding a little sugar. 

Check out our Instagram for this bread in toasty form and lots more foodie creations!