Bake of the week! 16/03/2014

Best. Bread. Ever. Everyone needs an amazing basic bread recipe that you go back to time and time again. Well, we found it ladies and gentleman. We tried a similar recipe in a bread maker, but that failed miserably so i whipped one up by hand and boy, is it yummy. It's a Whole Wheat Honey Oatmeal Bread. Wanna see?

The recipe says to use a bread tin, but as you'll see, we didn't. That's perfectly fine, just roll it up like a swiss roll and it will keeps it's shape while rising and baking. You also might notice that our loaf is a bit of a beast, but that means all the more for us. Basically you need to bake this bread!

We'd just like to say Thank You to all our followers for sticking by us even when we've been a little absent from this blog. We received an amazing email saying we have 50 followers on Bloglovin so we'll try our best to keep pleasing you!

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