Bake of the week! 30/03/2014

This week we got a special shop from Ocado (post coming soon) full of lovely vegan and gluten-free goodies. Cue new awesome recipe! I'm sure all you bakers out there know how hard it is to make the perfect cookie, a slight crisp outside with a deliciously gooey inside, everyone loves a gooey inside. Also Laura's now crossed over to the gluten-free side of life so now all of our recipes will be GF and vegan, but don't worry, just as tasty! Welcome Oh She Glows' Chocolate Chip Cookies.

Honestly, these are the best cookies we've ever made and, dare i say, had. Yes they are that good! I think the almond flour helps with the chewiness and gives a lovely subtle almond flavour with a winning texture. However, they didn't cook quite like the recipe said. Let us just say our oven isn't the best so that may affect it, but the cookies didn't drop and spread like they were meant to so i had to push them down at intervals myself. Also they were meant to take 10 minutes but they ended up taking 30. Don't worry though, they're worth it! Best. Cookies. Ever.

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