Shake it like a polaroid picture (mark 4)

We have a shed load of photos for you today and hopefully some exciting news tomorrow *taps side of nose*. We went away a couple of weeks ago, back to the lovely little cottage we shared with you in our very first picture post for some peace and quiet. Boy, did it do us good. So here's you go...

us / doing my chores / munching a GBK / snuggling outside

 Izzy in the car (just after being sick) / having a sniff / listening out / cat curled

 fruit bowl / delicious Rogan Josh / salmon with a butternut reduction / Laura's GBK

 room for 2? / car selfie / talking to Mum / lots of cuddles

 bacony carbonara / lamb burgers and pasta / saucy chicken wings / meaty GBK

 wind surfers / a couple of pheasants / quirks of the barn / we do love to be beside the sea side

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