2 Weeks Notice.

Ooh, we do love sharing these links! But, we're very sorry, there's not that many today (we were bad bloggers and forgot to bookmark things). So here's you go...

  • This song is actually pretty cool. Just give it a listen, we know some people will hate it. But, we don't so... Yeah.
  • There's a lot going on for m.e awareness day/week starting on the 12th May and personally we can't wait (lots of things coming your way). A new thing we've recently found out about is The Princess and M.E, who wouldn't want to be a princess for the day?! So, go have a look at the link for more information on how to join in.
  • We are dying to get a cat and Izzy (our rottie) loves them so maybe one day. Anyway, this video by Kate from Ghostparties about owning a cat is very helpful and even if you don't want a cat you could go straight to the end just to see her lovely Mouse (don't worry, that's his name, no mauling here).
  • As soon as she can Laura will be straight on the Bathory website to purchase some amazing bath salts. What's different about these? You ask. Well, you get to pick everything that goes into them yourself; what you want them for and then the oils you want in them. Awesome.
  • Not many of you will know the original of the song Habit (high all the time) but it's bloody good and as good as, if not better than, the remix.
  • Last but not least... We've found a vegan fair in our area! And it's not too far away that it would be unachievable for Laura. It's the Bournemouth Vegan Fair on the 28th June. Although, there will be some sneaking out to feel my monstrous meat craving ;)


Bake of the week! 27/04/2014

There's one word for this bake. Fail. Oh, holey bagoley! How it failed. But, we thought we'd post anyway just to show you that our bakes do go wrong. In fact, this week I attempted 3 different bakes, 2 breads and then this bake. We're experimenting with gluten-free breads and so far it's not going great.. but hopefully next week we'll have something perfect to share! As you'll see i attempted to make a Vegan cheesecake since Laura's a cheesecake fiend, but it didn't turn out anything like we expected. At all.

We used Tesco's Free From Cream Cheese (which is pretty good by the way) and maybe too much icing sugar. Then the base was made with Tesco's Free From Digestive Biscuits (also pretty good). The main problem was that it was icing, literally. And then, to top it all off, it didn't set. We'll try again, just not for a long, long time.


Thankful Thursday | 4

a post by Laura.
This week's been a little empty with me being worse than usual and Michael having a bug but sometimes it's nice to just snuggle up for hours on end.

This week I am thankful for:
4 - having someone who loves me so unconditionally that they'd do anything for you, even the shittiest things you could imagine. Yup, my Michael.


Goodreads Reading Challenge: Complete.

a post by Laura.
If you've been reading this blog for a while then you might remember that back in January i set a Goodreads reading challenge for myself. Well, i have now read all 36 books out of the 36 i set myself for the year. Oops. I think next year i may set a little higher... So, as i know how good reading can be for the soul when your stuck in one tiny room, feeling like absolute crap, i thought i would do a review of the top 5 books i've read (sorry, reviewing all of them was just way too much!) hoping that you can find some little gems of your own. You can also follow me here on Goodreads to see what i've been reading and what i thought. Lets start this countdown:

5. The Book of Lost Things by John Conolly.
This book is about 12-year-old David who has just moved in with his step-mother whilst mourning his mother's death. Things are starting to get a little odd for David as he starts to hear his books whispering and he gets a bit muddled in the line between reality and fantasy. I absolutely loved this book! It would be a great book to read to children of primary school age as they start to leave behind the more fantasy like parts of their childhood. I found David really easy to follow throughout the whole book and all the other characters are beautifully written. I would recommend this book to anyone who loves to re-imagine their childhood.

4. The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman.
When a baby crawls up to the graveyard after his whole family is murdered at the top of the hill the ghostly inhabitants decided to take him in and raise him as their own. This book is very funny (well i thought so anyway), i even ended up sending a copy to my best friend so she could read it. Gaiman has definitely put his research into the history of each of the character's era's which makes this book even more interesting. The Graveyard Book definitely adds a new light hearted approach to the super natural, especially using Bod (the baby/boy) to show the way we connect to the dead.

3. The Savages by Matt Whyman.
 A very odd family who have a very big secret. The Savages are a hilarious mix of characters, with food tying them all together neatly with a little bow. This book had me giggling all over the place, each of the family were very unique and had their own little story lines which ended up really pulling me in. The Savages actually raise some very important points about food consumption and being more resourceful, very interesting for any other vegans out there. A must read of course.

2. The Girl in the Box Series by Robert J. Crane.
Hmmm... How to describe these books. The series is based around Sienna Nealon as she emerges into the world after being locked away by her mother for the past 12 years. But, maybe it was safer staying in the house as she soon realises she isn't just an ordinary human and something big is coming that will consume all of her kind. This is one of my favourite book series. Ever. And the first 3 are free to download on Amazon, what more could you want? Personally, i think Robert J. Crane did an amazing job with these and i gobbled them up in a week at the most. So, yeah, read them biatches.

1. The Book Thief by Markus Zusak
Oh dear. This book had me bawling my eyes out many a time, cue Michael looking over and calling me a wimp for the 5th time that day (i get very emotional, a lot.). Anyway, i'm sure most of you already know what this book is about but for those of you who don't: The Book Thief is is in fact little Liesel Meminger who is living with a foster family in Nazi Germany, learning to read and creating amazing bonds with the people around her. And, all of this is told from the perspective of death. Not what you were expecting huh? Don't watch the film first guys, please, read the book. It's incredible and i could read it over and over again. This book is so beautiful, not only in how it is written, but with the little illustrations further on through the novel. To be honest, i really can't wait to get my hands on a hard copy of this and place it proudly on my shelf.


Shake it like a polaroid picture (mark 5)

Sorry, there's not many photos to share today; Laura's been feeling extra poorly and nothing much exciting has happened lately. But, we do have a few pictures of our little Izzy just after her operation, it was just too cute to miss.

lots of sleeping / dopey / well enough for snuggling / she does love toothless
There are many more photos and lots more to come if you'd only follow our Instagram account (we promise we'll post more).


Bake of the week! 20/04/2014

We hope you're all enjoying your Easter weekend! Unfortunately Laura's come down with a cold so we've just been doing lots of reading and snuggling (and me gaming of course!). This weeks bake is one of Laura's favourites, ever. Our very own Lemon American Pancakes. Gosh, they're good.

These delicious pancakes are just what you need for a little pick-me-up and they actually aren't that bad for you. But, heck! Who cares anyway? If you can resist pancakes you must be working for Satan (in Laura's eyes anyway). So get your little bums down to that kitchen, or someone else's bum if you're in Laura's situation, and whip up these moreish little devils.

Gluten Free & Vegan Lemon American Pancakes serves 1

1 mashed banana
3/4 cup oat flour
1/3 cup almond milk (or which ever milk you prefer)
juice of 1 lemon
1tsp baking powder
zest of 1/2 lemon

  • Add all the ingredients to a bowl and whisk until combined.
  • Heat a non-stick frying pan over a medium heat.
  • Add a 1/2 - 1 teaspoon of oil to the pan (we used coconut, delicious).
  • Pour 1/2 a ladel full of  the batter to the frying pan.
  • Cook until the underneath of the pancake is golden, then flip and cook the other side.
  • Repeat this with as many pancakes as you can squeeze from that batter.
  • Serve. Laura had hers topped with honey and mine with raspberry jam. 


Thankful Thursday | 3

a post by Laura.
Oh, I do love doing Thankful Thursdays! It's just so nice to think about what things are great in your life rather focussing on the negatives.

the first time she cut my hair

This week I am thankful for:
3 - my last haircut with my amazing hair dresser before she leaves me to move to to the land down under. Jealous much? But, she's been wonderful and has made such a difference to the way I feel. 


2 Weeks Notice.

So, we're back again with a bucket load of awesome finds we stumbled on whilst surfing the net. Get ready to witness some amazing stuffs.

  • You have to watch this, have to. Hugh Jackman singing about Wolverine to the tune of his Les Miserables singing debut. What more could you want? Oh, and his voice is pretty good, non?
  • Laura hates anything that's full of chemicals and will harm the environment so this post is right up her street. This post has 5 diy's for cleaning products that are also extra safe for anyone with little tiddlywinks out there.
  • Who wouldn't want to raid their kitchen for a cheap beauty/skincare trick that actually works? Well, that's what Anna did in her latest video, shared a load of ways items you will probably have in your kitchen can be used to make yourself look a little more beautiful. Whilst you're in there grab yourself a healthy snack and you'll be gorgeous inside and out.
  • Whilst on the topic of beauty, any of you ladies out there think Barbie skewed your idea of what's beautiful? Well, Nickolay Lamm has taken it upon himself to change this by inventing a whole new Barbie who's short and curvy. A real woman. You can find the article here to see what his version of the childhood favourite will look like.
  • Tom Fletcher has banged out another awesome song (and a baby) that you need to hear. You can also see how his wife's pregnancy progressed and what comes at the end of it. Lovely.
  • Carrot cake is one of Laura's favourites (though I can't understand why) so when she saw these Carrot Cake Pancakes her eyes popped out of hear head. Don't worry, I'm pretty sure they'll be appearing in our Bake of the Week one day soon.


Bake of the week! 13/04/2014

Since Laura's belly has been playing up we thought it would be best to do a very light bake this week and, of course, good ol' Rosie from Cider With Rosie came through with these delightful Kale Crisps.

Personally, i really don't like these. They remind me of crispy seaweed and i hate that so, yeah... But, if you love crispy seaweed then you're onto a winner. Laura went crazy for these, although i added a little too much sugar so they got a little sickly after a while. Also, this can make them go soft quicker so it's best to do a little seasoning and work your way up. I thought kale crisps were going to be hard after reading a lot of blog posts on how people burnt so many batches but these turned out perfect first time. Thank you very much Rosie.


Just to let you know...

You won't be getting any blog posts this week, Izzy (our rottie) got rushed to the vets last night with a womb infection. Luckily, Nicole (Michael's sisters noticed it early so basically she saved her life. The vet diagnosed her straight away with Pyometra; when a bitch doesn't breed she builds up a supply of puppy food which can be poisonous if leaked into her body. Izzy's had built up so much that it ruptured and made her very I'll. So, this morning she's gone to the vets for An emergency operation to remove her womb, if she didn't have it she'd die. But, the vets looking after her (the same that bought Scamp back to life!) so she's in extremely good hands. She'll be back either tonight and tomorrow for lots of snuggles and maybe a new toy could be thrown in! You'll just have to look forward to our Bake of the Week on Sunday.


Bake of the week! 06/04/2014

Now, these aren't the prettiest to look at, but bare with us. They're delicious, easy and super healthy. You may have seen these on Pintererst, here's ours (we are working on it), but we wanted to share our own easy recipe so you can get making. We chose to flavour ours with peanut butter and jam, but there are so many different combinations you could put in; chocolate, brown sugar, honey, dried fruit, flax, chia seeds, etc. So here's our delicious Banana Oat Cakes.

Banana Oat Cakes (peanut butter & jam) serves 1 person

1 banana
1 handful of oats (it depends on how bananary you want them)

1 tsp jam
up to 1 tsp peanut butter (how much do you love it? Laura prefers a 1/5 of a tsp for a mild taste)

  • Mash the banana in a small bowl.
  • Add the oats and mix, add more if needed. You need it to be sticky so they can form shapes.
  • For pb & jam flavour mix in the peanut butter and swirl through the jam.
  • Then mold the mixture into little cakes, you could do one big one but we always make 2.
  • Pop in the microwave for 1 minute and bobs your uncle.
  • Alternatively you could bake them in the oven for 5-10 minutes on gas mark 5 for crispiness.


Thankful Thursday | 2

a post by Laura
This week we've had some amazing news, which we will share once finalised, so we're thankful for a hell of a lot. Yuck. Don't worry though we're not going to smother you with sloppiness, just the one thanks.

This week I am thankful for:

2 - the lovely district nurses who make life so much easier. At the moment they're trying (and struggling) to take blood from me. The phrase 'like taking blood from a stone' comes to mind, especially now we're on the third go. Bless them.