2 Weeks Notice.

So, we're back again with a bucket load of awesome finds we stumbled on whilst surfing the net. Get ready to witness some amazing stuffs.

  • You have to watch this, have to. Hugh Jackman singing about Wolverine to the tune of his Les Miserables singing debut. What more could you want? Oh, and his voice is pretty good, non?
  • Laura hates anything that's full of chemicals and will harm the environment so this post is right up her street. This post has 5 diy's for cleaning products that are also extra safe for anyone with little tiddlywinks out there.
  • Who wouldn't want to raid their kitchen for a cheap beauty/skincare trick that actually works? Well, that's what Anna did in her latest video, shared a load of ways items you will probably have in your kitchen can be used to make yourself look a little more beautiful. Whilst you're in there grab yourself a healthy snack and you'll be gorgeous inside and out.
  • Whilst on the topic of beauty, any of you ladies out there think Barbie skewed your idea of what's beautiful? Well, Nickolay Lamm has taken it upon himself to change this by inventing a whole new Barbie who's short and curvy. A real woman. You can find the article here to see what his version of the childhood favourite will look like.
  • Tom Fletcher has banged out another awesome song (and a baby) that you need to hear. You can also see how his wife's pregnancy progressed and what comes at the end of it. Lovely.
  • Carrot cake is one of Laura's favourites (though I can't understand why) so when she saw these Carrot Cake Pancakes her eyes popped out of hear head. Don't worry, I'm pretty sure they'll be appearing in our Bake of the Week one day soon.

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  1. from bump to buzz is one of my favourite videos of all time! they are the cutest couple! :)