2 Weeks Notice.

Ooh, we do love sharing these links! But, we're very sorry, there's not that many today (we were bad bloggers and forgot to bookmark things). So here's you go...

  • This song is actually pretty cool. Just give it a listen, we know some people will hate it. But, we don't so... Yeah.
  • There's a lot going on for m.e awareness day/week starting on the 12th May and personally we can't wait (lots of things coming your way). A new thing we've recently found out about is The Princess and M.E, who wouldn't want to be a princess for the day?! So, go have a look at the link for more information on how to join in.
  • We are dying to get a cat and Izzy (our rottie) loves them so maybe one day. Anyway, this video by Kate from Ghostparties about owning a cat is very helpful and even if you don't want a cat you could go straight to the end just to see her lovely Mouse (don't worry, that's his name, no mauling here).
  • As soon as she can Laura will be straight on the Bathory website to purchase some amazing bath salts. What's different about these? You ask. Well, you get to pick everything that goes into them yourself; what you want them for and then the oils you want in them. Awesome.
  • Not many of you will know the original of the song Habit (high all the time) but it's bloody good and as good as, if not better than, the remix.
  • Last but not least... We've found a vegan fair in our area! And it's not too far away that it would be unachievable for Laura. It's the Bournemouth Vegan Fair on the 28th June. Although, there will be some sneaking out to feel my monstrous meat craving ;)

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