Bake of the week! 13/04/2014

Since Laura's belly has been playing up we thought it would be best to do a very light bake this week and, of course, good ol' Rosie from Cider With Rosie came through with these delightful Kale Crisps.

Personally, i really don't like these. They remind me of crispy seaweed and i hate that so, yeah... But, if you love crispy seaweed then you're onto a winner. Laura went crazy for these, although i added a little too much sugar so they got a little sickly after a while. Also, this can make them go soft quicker so it's best to do a little seasoning and work your way up. I thought kale crisps were going to be hard after reading a lot of blog posts on how people burnt so many batches but these turned out perfect first time. Thank you very much Rosie.

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