Goodreads Reading Challenge: Complete.

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If you've been reading this blog for a while then you might remember that back in January i set a Goodreads reading challenge for myself. Well, i have now read all 36 books out of the 36 i set myself for the year. Oops. I think next year i may set a little higher... So, as i know how good reading can be for the soul when your stuck in one tiny room, feeling like absolute crap, i thought i would do a review of the top 5 books i've read (sorry, reviewing all of them was just way too much!) hoping that you can find some little gems of your own. You can also follow me here on Goodreads to see what i've been reading and what i thought. Lets start this countdown:

5. The Book of Lost Things by John Conolly.
This book is about 12-year-old David who has just moved in with his step-mother whilst mourning his mother's death. Things are starting to get a little odd for David as he starts to hear his books whispering and he gets a bit muddled in the line between reality and fantasy. I absolutely loved this book! It would be a great book to read to children of primary school age as they start to leave behind the more fantasy like parts of their childhood. I found David really easy to follow throughout the whole book and all the other characters are beautifully written. I would recommend this book to anyone who loves to re-imagine their childhood.

4. The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman.
When a baby crawls up to the graveyard after his whole family is murdered at the top of the hill the ghostly inhabitants decided to take him in and raise him as their own. This book is very funny (well i thought so anyway), i even ended up sending a copy to my best friend so she could read it. Gaiman has definitely put his research into the history of each of the character's era's which makes this book even more interesting. The Graveyard Book definitely adds a new light hearted approach to the super natural, especially using Bod (the baby/boy) to show the way we connect to the dead.

3. The Savages by Matt Whyman.
 A very odd family who have a very big secret. The Savages are a hilarious mix of characters, with food tying them all together neatly with a little bow. This book had me giggling all over the place, each of the family were very unique and had their own little story lines which ended up really pulling me in. The Savages actually raise some very important points about food consumption and being more resourceful, very interesting for any other vegans out there. A must read of course.

2. The Girl in the Box Series by Robert J. Crane.
Hmmm... How to describe these books. The series is based around Sienna Nealon as she emerges into the world after being locked away by her mother for the past 12 years. But, maybe it was safer staying in the house as she soon realises she isn't just an ordinary human and something big is coming that will consume all of her kind. This is one of my favourite book series. Ever. And the first 3 are free to download on Amazon, what more could you want? Personally, i think Robert J. Crane did an amazing job with these and i gobbled them up in a week at the most. So, yeah, read them biatches.

1. The Book Thief by Markus Zusak
Oh dear. This book had me bawling my eyes out many a time, cue Michael looking over and calling me a wimp for the 5th time that day (i get very emotional, a lot.). Anyway, i'm sure most of you already know what this book is about but for those of you who don't: The Book Thief is is in fact little Liesel Meminger who is living with a foster family in Nazi Germany, learning to read and creating amazing bonds with the people around her. And, all of this is told from the perspective of death. Not what you were expecting huh? Don't watch the film first guys, please, read the book. It's incredible and i could read it over and over again. This book is so beautiful, not only in how it is written, but with the little illustrations further on through the novel. To be honest, i really can't wait to get my hands on a hard copy of this and place it proudly on my shelf.

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