Just to let you know...

You won't be getting any blog posts this week, Izzy (our rottie) got rushed to the vets last night with a womb infection. Luckily, Nicole (Michael's sisters noticed it early so basically she saved her life. The vet diagnosed her straight away with Pyometra; when a bitch doesn't breed she builds up a supply of puppy food which can be poisonous if leaked into her body. Izzy's had built up so much that it ruptured and made her very I'll. So, this morning she's gone to the vets for An emergency operation to remove her womb, if she didn't have it she'd die. But, the vets looking after her (the same that bought Scamp back to life!) so she's in extremely good hands. She'll be back either tonight and tomorrow for lots of snuggles and maybe a new toy could be thrown in! You'll just have to look forward to our Bake of the Week on Sunday.

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