1 Weeks Notice (sorry guys)

We have great neighbours. Not. Well, a few are nice but the rest [excuse my language] are A-holes. Last night they decided to keep Laura up until half 6 so she is pooped and this post is going to be a little one of a few links. We know it's meant to be a picture post but as Laura's been so ill there haven't been many photo opportunities, although we do post on our Instagram when we like.

  • This post on Lauren Conrad's blog tells of 10 spices that are really beneficial to our health, there's even one for chronic illnesses!
  • Laura will be taking part in this blog post chain next week for M.E. awareness (and lots of other things so stick around), maybe you could join in too, I'm sure you don't need a blog.
  • If you're a frequent reader here, then you'll know Laura's Vegan so we were excited to see a post on Buzzfeed of creamy vegan pasta recipes, it would be nice to eat the same thing for once!

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