2 Weeks Notice.

written by Laura.
I'm sorry that there wasn't many posts last week, M.E. Awareness Week really took it out of me and of course Michael had to be extra caring. To be totally honest I'm still not feeling too great but I love these link posts and I'm sure you guys do too. We have some real good un's this week...

  • I recently stumbled across a fellow M.E. sufferer who also writes a blog in the #lbloggers chat. Want to hear something even better? She's a youtuber! So now I have a load of videos to watch filmed by someone who is a spoonie too. That means a load of beauty videos with a chronic illness twist. Better start watching! Her YouTube channel is Wheelingalong (her latest video is above) and you can find her blog here.
  • Airbnb is a great site for finding great holiday destinations and accommodation straight from the owner. Buzzfeed (gotta love Buzzfeed) recently did an article on 27 Incredible Airbnb Locations In Europe which will get you desperate to leave right now for a stay in one of the most beautiful places in our area of the world.
  • How. Damn. Cute?! I am desperate to feed my own little bunny raspberries after watching the video above. If you don't want a bunny now, you must be satan.
  • Our dogs detest bath time, Scamp runs up the edge of the bath trying to get out and Izzy looks like you're torturing her (we're not, don't worry). Any dog owner will love to see these Dogs Who Really Hate Bathtime, bless them.
  • This song by Benjamin Franklin Leftwich is beautiful. Personally, I think it's a great song for us spoonies. His voice is so soft and calming, you'll be zoned out before you know it (though that's not hard for me!). 
  • My last link is of a tutorial on how to do an updo with short hair. I have very short hair but sometimes it's still nice to do something different with it. This Updo will be especially gorgeous for those hot summer months and I do love to whip out my vintage headscarfs!


  1. Awwww, that rabbit is adorable. I would get a rabbit right this second if my mum & brother weren't allergic to all animal fur :)
    Thank you for sharing my blog lovely, I hope you enjoy my videos ^^


    1. My bunny's hay makes me a sneezing machine but it's worth it for a snuggle :) I've been going through your videos and I'm really enjoying them! x

  2. That song is beautiful!!

    x Hayley-Eszti | www.hayleyeszti.blogspot.com