Bake of the week! 04/05/2014

Oh lordy lord. Yup, another duff bake. I am trying very hard guys, but this gluten free stuff does not like me. Although, we're slowly getting the hang of it and the bakes should get progressively better (fingers crossed). So, this week, i attempted English Muffins, seeing as their one of Laura's favourites. We're not going to include the recipe as we don't think it was very good and we don't want to share anything with you that we're no sure on.

Hmmm... They weren't too bad fresh but by the end of the day they were like cow hyde. No joke. The recipe we used probably wasn't the best either (don't you just hate it when there's no photo's?) so we'll try again one day when we've got the hang of gluten-free dough's. We're glad you don't mind joining us for the journey and we promise, one day, there will be a successful bake!

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