M.E. Awareness Week: The round up.

written by Laura.
So, that's it. M.E. awareness week is done for another year, and to be quite honest i'm glad, i could no way do this every week. But, i am proud of myself. Yup, i am. I've posted every day (which is quite the feat when you have severe M.E.) and the feedback i've had is amazing. I even had a non-spoonie tell me that this blog was one of her favourite blogs of the week, and on M.E. awareness week when there all about illness! Sorry, i'm getting a little (maybe very) excited about this. You guys have inspired me to write many more M.E. posts, i was always scared before about how to write them and how they'd be perceived but now i know. Today's post is going to be full of the wonderful links i've found throughout M.E. awareness week from all the other lovely spoonie bloggers.

But, first i need to tell you about a charity that is trying to get more funding for research into this debilitating illness. They're called Invest In ME and they are doing everything they can to help all of us spoonies get more notice. Charities are so important to a number of causes but for M.E. it's even more important; most of us don't have the energy to get up in the morning, let alone campaign for awareness, we can't talk for hours on end and beg for your help. So, charities do this for us, they fight on our behalf when we're too tired to do it ourselves, that's why they're so important to people with this illness. Invest In ME don't just want your money, they want your support and to help them campaign. We need biomedical research into M.E. and these are the people trying to get it so please head over to their website and just have a look around, if nothing else. I also have a list of charities and a little bit about M.E. on the blog's M.E. page you can look at.

Now, onto those links:
  • First, Katherine wrote a very truthful but hard hitting post on what M.E. does to you. Her M.E. Awareness Day 2014 post actually very nearly brought a tear to my eye. If you read any of these links featured today, make it this one. You want to know what having M.E. is like? This is the cold, hard truth.
  • Anna from M.E. Myself and I has done a lot of work this past week and it has definitely paid off. If your not a spoonie then you won't know much about it but, Anna threw a tea party last Sunday (Blue Sunday) at her house and invited family and friends to raise awareness and money for the ME Association (another great charity, go have a look). But, so that all of us spoonies could be involved she also made it a virtual teaparty, all you had to do was grab a cup of tea and maybe a bit of cake (can't turn down cake) and post it online to be a part. Then you could donate (you still can here) what you would pay for that in a coffee shop and i must say that it went so well. Anna so far has raised 817% of her target and maybe if you donated she could make it a little more. She wrote a post on Blue Sunday too.
  • Anna also posted a few times throughout the week, and as always, they were spot on. The first was a post about young people living with M.E. which was supported by the charity for younger sufferers AYME (if you're under 25 i would strongly suggest becoming a member). The second post was titled Why is M.E. awareness so very important? and highlights how just a little awareness can make such a huge difference to a spoonies' life. Please, if you don't have M.E., read this post! It's so well written and will make you think twice about your view of M.E.
  • Then we have Hayley-Eszti and her M.E. awareness week visual campaign. Her photo's really capture the different sides of M.E., yes we need a wheelchair but sometimes we don't, please don't judge us. Go see for yourself by clicking the link above.
  • Meg wrote a post about a day in the life of an M.E. sufferer which i would recommend to any one who doesn't know that much about M.E. This post shows what M.E. is really like behind closed doors and what a bitch she can be. A lot of people only see the good things, really they only want to see the good things, but it's about time that people realised what M.E. is really like!
  • The lovely Louise started a blog chain called #ThisIsME. All you had to do was write a post answering the questions she had set out and post it in M.E. awareness week. It was a great success! Here is the link to her blog post featuring all the links to everyone's posts. You can also read mine here. Louise has had M.E. for 20 years so i would recommend her blog to any M.E. sufferers as she can offer a great insight.
  • There's also been things going on on Instagram, my pick would have to be Vicky Louise's #1weekaboutME photo challenge. To find all the photo's of everyone who's taken part just search the hashtag.
  • Sian wrote a post about what it's like for her living with M.E. I think posts like these are a really good way to show people outside of the M.E. community what it's like living with an invisible illness.Her blog is also another good 'un.
  • Next, we have Sally who set a May 12 Blog Bomb for bloggers with M.E. She wanted as amny people as possible to post about their illness on M.E. awareness day and flood twitter with all our link so we would be impossible to ignore. Ha! This was fun to do and i loved reading everyone else's posts, which you can read too by clicking on the link in bold.
  • Now, i've been chatting to Emma for a little while now and she is lovely. However, her blog isn't an M.E. lifestyle blog, it's more about fashion. But, for M.E. awareness week she moved away from the norm and wrote a very in depth personal post about her experience of M.E. that you need to read so that her stepping out of her comfort zone is worth it for raising awareness.
  • The ME/CFS Self-help Guru wrote a very simple and clear post on 10 Things Everyone Should Know About ME/CFS. Posts like this are great for non-spoonies because they're simple but let people know the truth. 
Right, that's me done now, all the blog posts for a while will be by Michael while i rest. I hope you've enjoyed reading my posts for M.E. Awareness Week and that i've educated at least a few people about what it's like being so poorly. And if you haven't read my posts... Do it now! Only joking. But, thank you for all the support i've had this week and showing me that people are starting to sit up and pay attention.


  1. I can't tell you how impressed I am by you and how privileged I feel to have been able to read all your posts this week. Before I started reading your blog, I knew M.E. existed and was a debilitating illness, but I'd never really made a conscious effort to learn more about it. I think you're one of the most determined people I've ever met (well... read). I know what it's like to have an illness make your education super difficult, although not quite on the scale you've experienced, and I think you can be so proud of what you've achieved and I hope you keep up this blog for a long time to come!
    Lots of love.

    1. Aww, thank you so much! I wasn't sure how many people without M.E. were going to take an interest in the blog this week but I've had such amazing feedback :D I'm stuck in bed all the time now so it's hard to think that I can actually teach people about this illness. I'm so glad you've enjoyed reading this week and comments like these have given me confidence to write more posts about it :) love x

  2. An exhausting week, but all for a good cause! I'm still catching up on all the spoonie blogger posts, there were so many! You did so well to write so much, I had hoped to post more but blue Sunday took everything out of me! I write quite a lot about m.e on my blog throughout the year though so hopefully that will make up for it! Thanks for the mention too. Now get some rest and recover from the hard work you've done this week. Lots of hugs!

    1. Thank you :) I needed to do something big for this week and I'm very proud of myself and all the other Spoonies :') I've learnt a lot too, like the fact I have post exertional malaise all the time :/ so from now on I'm doing as my body says, even if it means I can't move for the whole day the so be it! Love x

  3. You did so amazingly, Laura (and Michael!) - I've really loved reading your posts, and have finally been able to have a proper browse now that I'm feeling a bit better. I hope that you've been able to have a good rest after all your awareness-raising efforts. I'm so proud of all of us ME lot for such a successful awareness week :D And thank you for the little mention, too - I'm glad you liked the post and I do apologise for making you a bit teary (it was hard to write, too!)
    Lots of love,

    1. Thank you :) I'm still paying for all the posts and now there's been some family problems that have really knocked me for six so there aren't going to be many posts for the next few weeks. Me too, i think we really did make a difference! I was especially pleased with the response we got from people outside the M.E. community :D No problem, your post really was great.
      Hugs x