Prepping for M.E. Awareness Week.

So, tomorrow begins M.E. awareness week! And there's so many wonderful things going on to raise awareness, I just hope I can educate a few people then I'll be content. But before all this starts I want to give you some links to other M.E. bloggers and outline what they'll be doing for M.E. Ooh, i have found some good 'uns, I've been searching high and low to give you as many M.E. blogs as i can find in the hope that [if you have M.E.] it might help you in yourself and [if you don't] give you a greater insight into life with this beast of an illness. Here goes:
  • First, me! I'll be joining in on a few of the events listed below over the next few days. Also, I'll be posting an M.E. related post everyday which I'm very nervous about as I am very severe at the moment and my posts might not make much sense but I hope you'll all understand. Michael's even setting up a speach-type thingy on the laptop to help me, so I hope I can keep up with it and raise as much awareness as possible.
  • The lovely Hayley from Hayley-Eszti will be sharing her story Of M.E. on Monday and then later in the week she's got a real treat for us all; Hayley's been working on an M.E. photoshoot campaign to raise awareness for chronic illness. Personally, I can't wait to see it!
  • Anna over at M.E. Myself and I is on the ball this year! This is the chronic illness blog i have been following the longest and she has helped me so much with how i feel about myself and my illness, so if you have M.E. i really recommend heading over to have a read. Anna is throwing a Blue Sunday tea party to raise money for the M.E. Association, which you can join in with online by having your own little afternoon tea (just a cup of tea and a slice of cake will do) and upload a photo of this under the hashtag #Bluesunday on Instagram or Twitter. You can find out more and how to get involved in this post.
  • Meg from Meg Says will be firing a flurry of posts you way and joining in with a few of the events/blog posts created by some other lovely bloggers. You should definitely hit follow on her blog, she posts nearly every day and gives a much better insight into the minds of a 'spoonie' that i can give at the moment.
  • Sally who writes the blog Just ME (also click the link to find out more about her event) has set up a May 12th Blog Bomb, sounds interesting right? Well, if you have M.E./CFS and own a blog she wants all of us (if you're able) to write a blog post about our own M.E. story and how it has impacted on certain parts of our lives. Also, even if you don't have a blog but want to join in she will post your own story on her website alongside her own. All you have to do is publish your post on Monday 12th and share it under the hashtag '#May12BlogBomb'. I'll be really looking forward to reading all of your posts! 
  • The Get Up and Go Guru has started a blog post chain of writing 5 things about yourself, first without M.E. being involved and then things to do with M.E. I've already written my post and will be scheduling it to be posted tomorrow morning as the first of my posts for awareness week. This one's hard to explain so i suggest you go have a read of this post if you want to find out more.
  • Sian from Me, myself and M.E has decided on a little theme for The Big Sleep For M.E. on Monday 12th May. The Big Sleep is a findraising event that everyone can join in with, all you have to do is lie down and even snore your head off if you like all in the name of raising awareness (just click the sleep for M.E. link above for more info). Sian has started a little theme for this event called 'The Princess and M.E' where you become a Princess for the day! You can find out how to join in by reading this post.
Here is a list of M.E. blogs for you to start reading (just don't forget about me!):
Wow, that was a lot. I can see this week is going to wipe me out but it'll be worth it if it means i can raise awareness and maybe help a few of you out there.


  1. Such a busy week for us all! I can't wait!

    1. I'm a little scared of what it's going to do to me to be honest, but it'll be worth it :)