Thankful Thursday | 7

Woah, time's going so fast! I can't believe I'm on my 7th Thankful Thursday and I'm actually quite enjoying it. When you have an illness like M.E. it's very easy to get caught up in a downward spiral, so doing something like this just helps to show not everything's bad and keep your head above water. You can see my Thankful Thursday M.E. awareness week special here. Here goes...

This week I am thankful for:
7 - pancakes. Oh man, I do love me some pancakes! Crepes or American pancakes, I'll take 'em all. You can find the best GF and Vegan pancakes here, you need to try these beauties asap.


  1. I love the idea of doing a thankful Thursday post! Please don't feel put out if I nab the idea off you, it's so clever :)
    I am loving your blog & the mixture of M.E. & lifestyle & the baking posts! Going off to follow right now :)


    1. Definitely do it, I'd love for you to do it :D the more Spoonies that take part the better, we sometimes need to focus on the good things more!
      I'm so pleased you like it :) I'm always nervous that I don't get the balance right.