Bake of the week! GF & Vegan Bread No.1

Laura's been craving bread for a long time now, ever since becoming gluten-free. My attempts before have failed miserably so she's had to hold on for me to master the art (not mastered it yet, but i'm on my way). This week i attempted Cara from Fork and Beans' recipe and it was the first edible bake! Doesn't look too shabby either.

We had to deviate from the recipe because we didn't have any tapioca starch, so we substituted it for some potato starch. But we're not sure if it worked the same so we recommend using tapioca. The texture was perfect, our problem was with a chemical after-taste, bleurgh (Laura will be asking Cara about this). But all in all, we suggest giving it a try!


  1. My mouth is literally watering looking at this!!!

  2. I should have eaten my lunch before looking at your bake of the week! I'm super hungry now!

    Faye | freckles-and-all.com