Bake of the week! GF & Vegan Lemon Drizzle Cake.

We have not only a successful bake, but an amazing bake, full of lemony goodness. About time, eh? We started off the week thinking i would be making some cinnamon struesel muffins but then Laura saw Anna's lemon drizzle recipe and started craving, badly. We also thought that seeing as Laura is so poorly a gooey lemon drizzle cake would be easy to munch on and ingnite her interest in food (which it did). So we found this gluten-free and vegan gem and whipped up a storm.

It's a pretty simple recipe, mix all the ingredients in a bowl and shove it in the oven (the best kind of recipe). It comes out crumbly and perfectly sweet with a good dose of lemon. What more could you want?

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