2 Weeks Notice: an M.E. special.

written by Laura.
I don't really like to say how bad I'm feeling (my default answer is 'I'm alright') but lately I've had to due to my health. Lately, I just seem to be getting worse and worse. I've been doing a lot of mindfulness and just listening to music or my audio books but it doesn't seem to be helping much. You'd think after being completely bed bound for 2 years I'd be getting used to it but it's still tough to be ill even if its your permanent state. Also, living in a house with the noisest people in the world doesn't help but hopefully we'll be in our own little place! I don't really what to say or how to deal with it and I'm finding it so hard that I can barely talk to Michael all day but I know he doesn't mind. Anyway, sorry for the moan, but if I'm absent its because of this. So, I thought I'd make this post an M.E. special seeing as in can't do many M.E. focused posts at the moment. I hope you enjoy reading these as much as I did.

  • First, I'd love to share Faye's post on being okay with not being okay as it had a huge effect on me (maybe in the form of a tear or two). Faye is the sweetest person and I find it so unfair that all the Spoonies I've spoken with usually are, bad things should happen to bad people! So, when I read this post it really upset me that Faye had had such a crap time as we all know how bad the sad days can be. But, Faye got it sorted in her head and has given the best advice which I totally agree with.
  • Anyone with M.E. will know how bad it can really get and as someone who is bedbound 24/7 I think it's important to share what life is really like for a sufferer. So, I was really pleased to see Anna's post on Severe M.E. Day and an appeal to go along with it. I don't know how to explain it properly (brain fog) so please go take a look yourself, it's important we don't get forgotten about.
  • Hayley-Eszti has some amazing posts on her blog so please have a look. Anyway, I'm focusing on one today and it's very interesting and exciting for us wheelchair users. Wheelchairs for mannequins. What more do I need to say? 
  • Following on with the wheelchair theme; I've mentioned Sally before on the blog for her twist on a fashion blog. Yep, fashion in a wheelchair. Before I found Sally had searched high and low for just that but got nowhere so I really appreciate her blog. But, even the uber stylish have lows so I loved her post (written by her Mum) on fashion on poorly days.
  • This next post wasn't written by someone with M.E. but I think it could be very relevant to us Spoonies. I'm pretty sure most of you would have read something to do with Anna from Vivianna does Makeup. She's awesome. She's recently written a post on an acupressure mat which really intrigued me. I know that acupuncture has helped some sufferers of M.E. and Fibromyalgia but not all of us can afford the treatment or make it anywhere to have it done so this mat sounded like a good starting point.
  • The lovely Meg from Meg Says, a great blog for girly girls with M.E. (she always looks gorgeous and my little sister would love her) recently did an interview for a post on One Girl and The Sea about all things M.E. It's a great read so grab a cuppa and click away.


  1. Thanks for mentioning me (again!) I really hope you get some relief soon, how lovely would it be for you and Michael to get a place! Lots of love and a great big virtual hug xxx

    1. I only share the truth :) I hope so too, I'll keep the blog updated. Love x

  2. *hug* I'm so sorry you've been struggling so much. I know how difficult it can be when you live in a noisy house (mine is unbelievably loud).
    Thank you so much for mentioning me, again. You are a total sweetheart ^^
    I have one of the acupuncture/acupressure mat & it is really useful. Acupuncture really helps with pain & so does the mat. It also helps you drain toxins (which sounds hippy dippy but really isn't).

    Sally xxx

    P.S. I'm sorry for taking so long to comment. My brain is so out of it lately.....

    1. Yeah, noise is no fun! We also live on a main road, near an airport and train station :S
      Well, thank you but you're such a lovely person :D I'm definitely going to give accupressure a go and don't worry, I'm probably even more of a hippy dippy ;)
      Love x
      P.s. don't worry, fuzzly brains are the norm.