Bake of the week! Gooseberry & Orange Traybake

Laura's Nan likes to bring us a bag full of gooseberries every summer so it's only fair that we put them to good use. So that's exactly what we did. So, Laura went on the hunt for a delicious goosberry filled recipe and come up with this.

First, this isn't a gluten-free recipe, we're testing out how Laura's body copes with gluten for a bit. But don't worry, we'll still have lots of gluten-free recipes for you to gawp at. We never knew how well these two fruits worked together and next time we have an abundance of gooseberries, orange will be at the top of our list to match them with! Of course i changed the eggs in the recipe to flax eggs and it worked a treat. Really, just make it.


  1. They look delicious! I've thought about trying to go gluten free for a while so I'll be keen to know how you find it. Have a good (or as good as it can be) week both of you :)


    1. These aren't gluten free, but I've been gluten free for a couple of months and am a little on the fence. My friend Kym is also bed bound with M.E. and is allergic to almost everything you can think of! So, because finding what allergies she had helped her Improve so I thought I'd give gf a go. I'm going to do a post on my diet but basically it didn't work great for me. It made me a lot more bloated (not good with anorexia) and I just got a bit bunged up. So, now I'm doing half gf half not and this seems to be working the best, my bloats reduced and I'm having less tummy troubles :) Hope this helps lovely xx

    2. It does! I'm a vegetarian so what I can eat is already quite restricted which is the only reason I've not tried gluten free yet, as it would make it harder to find things to eat! Thanks for the reply :)