Bye Bye Barley.

written by Laura.

If you follow us on instagram (if not, do. You'll see a lot of furry friends) you would have seen that our little dwarf lop rabbit went to bunny heaven. His name was Barley and he was perfect. So, in memory of the best bunny there ever was I thought I'd share with you some of the weird and wonderful things he did, prepare to be amazed!
  • My Pamp (grandfather) built Barley's hutch with a main bit with a cage front and a bed with a door but that wasn't how Barley used it. He decided that he wouldn't just wee/poop wherever he was like normal rabbits, instead he would use his bed as a toilet! So then he had a clean main section where he ate drank and slept. He never ever went to the toilet anywhere else. My bunny was a clever bunny.
  • Barley worked out a way to communicate with us too, which is weird as rabbits don't make a sound. So, most of you will probably know that rabbits stamp their feet when they're pissed off, and it can be bloody loud! But, Barley didn't stomp his feet to tell you he was angry, he'd stomp them over and over again until someone came to stroke him. He even worked out that if he stomped loud enough in the middle of the night he'd wake Mum up (her room was above/next to his hutch) and to make him stop she'd have to go give him a cuddle. Although, it wasn't so cute when he woke the neighbour up. The neighbour who had to get up for work at 4! My bunny was a very attention seeking bunny.
  • Barley never bit anyone. Ever. I don't know if any of you know this but male rabbits who haven't be neutered are very aggressive, yet not my Barley. He also had the biggest balls my vet had ever seen on a rabbit! Oo err. You could pick him up, give him cuddles and he was never bothered. He even liked to sniffle with our rottie Izzy! My bunny was a very loving bunny.
  • Barley also had a way of getting treats. When Mum gave Scamp (our family bichon frise) a carrot with his arthritis tablets in the morning Barley also wanted some. So, he worked out that if he climbed up the front of his hutch so Mum could see him through the kitchen window, and flutter his puppy-dog eyes then she would melt and give him carrot. He also knew that when Nan came to visit she would bring him veggies so he'd do it then too. This did lead to him putting on a little weight towards the end when he'd been the perfect weight his whole life! My bunny was a greedy bunny.
  • When Michael cleaned his hutch out, barley liked to sit in the corner where we put his hay when Michael was putting it in so he ended up buried under piles of the stuff. My bunny was a funny bunny.
    Now, I want to tell you about the last time i had a snuggle with my bunny. When Michael cleaned Barley's hutch out, he would bring him upstairs to have a hop around the bed and help relax me. This time, Michael had trouble even getting Barley up the stairs! We'd bought him a new carry case after his old one went walk-abouts, so Michael thought he'd test it out by putting Barley in it to bring upstairs. But, before Michael even put one foot on the stairs Barley figured out that if he pushed his body on the lid of the box that, along with the pressure of Michael carrying it by the top, he could get it open and leap out! He was definitely an escape artist in the making. So, eventually Michael got him onto the bed and left us to our cuddles. Have any of you have dogs? I'm sure that you know that they like to pull the duvet about until it's perfectly comfortable and suitable for themselves. Yup, Barley did this too. With his teeth. After he'd wrecked the duvet he decided to climb up to his little cushion cubby-hole (as in the above photo), got bored of that and decided to sit on my shoulder for a better vantage point! But, the best bit for me, was when he got down and decided to bury himself under my right hip to have a snuggle. He also gave Michael a few kisses (licks) when he came up to get him, which was extremely odd but also extremely cute. I personally think this was him saying bye because 2 days later he died. My bunny was a very loved bunny.

     p.s. Here's our first ever post about our animals.