Bake of the week! Summer Pudding.

It's time to say Farewell to summer and Hola to autumn which, i must say, we're very pleased about that around these parts. So, we thought we'd make the perfect summer recipe to drag those last tendrils of summer out of us and make going into autumn all the more special. I know many of you are very sad about how quick summer disappeared from our grasps, but who doesn't love cuddling up under a huge wooly blanket with steaming hot comfort food? We're convinced. This weeks recipe is Summer Pudding.

The picture above; it's not mold, it's the reflection of our lime green kitchen! We adapted the recipe a little to use our favourite berries (we hate those icky little redcurrants) but you can change it up to suit your taste. We used frozen blueberries, cherries and Mum picked some blackberries for us which were delicious. This recipe is super easy but looks pretty complicated so it's a great one for an end of summer barbeque where you want to show off but don't have enough time or spoons to whip up a storm. This is one of Laura's new favourite puddings, it's pretty healthy and super sweet. Oh, and served with ice cream of course!


Thankful Thursday | 17

And, i'm back. I would really like to apologise for the sporadic blogging but i'm just too ill at the moment to keep up with it so bear with me. Also, it's my 21st soon so i'm resting up as much as i can in preperation of that. But, i still have many things to be thankful for and i love sharing them with you. What things are you thankful for this Thursday?

This week i am thankful for:
17 - the wonderful brand that is Aromatherapy Associates. Their products are life savers for achey muscles and stressed minds. Personally, i use their De-Stress Muscle Gel every night before bed to help with fibromyalgia keeping me awake and if i'm having a particularly bad day for achey legs. I also use their De-Stress Muscle Bath & Shower Oil in my baths to help with pain and relax me. Yes, their products are fairly expensive but they do last a long time and they are totally utterly worth it.


2 Weeks Notice.

written by Laura.
These posts are my favourite kind! When you're bed bound and feeling like death warmed up, it's nice to be able to lose yourself in the wonderful world that is the internet. Yes, it's tiring, and some may say it's a waste of spoons, but it keeps me sane. Let's just say it's my connection to the outside world. And, i'm sorry the blog posts on here have been a bit sporadic and i don't always reply to comments for quite a while but as my condition is deteriorating i'm learning to properly rest and not stress about things (although, this one isn't going too well...). I love reading your comments and words of support so keep 'em coming, they're much appreciated. Are there any things you've seen online lately that are helping you stay sane? Please leave them in the comments and i'll have a read when i'm able.

  •  Michael is the music man. We went to a party, Michael made the playlist. A new song in the charts, Michael played it months ago. Want to know the words to a song? Michael's your man. So, when he heard this song on an advert, it was my job to track it down (it's the one thing i can actually help with!) and here you go. I don't know what else to say, just give it a listen.
  • Before i was bed bound i made jewellery as something to keep me occupied while everyone else was out. I even managed to rope Michael in and now he's the master of wire rings! I can't do it anymore but i've saved this post on Clairebellemakes so wen i'm better i can tackle those perfectly pretty earrings.
  • Meghan is such a sweet girl and so inspiring to all of us hoping to recover from an eating disorder. She's written an amazing post about eating disorders on her blog that is a must read. Her blog is full of wonderful totally vegan and gluten free recipes that i'm dying to try (well, dying for Michael to cook!). Also, she has one of my favourite instagram accounts, i could scroll through that for hours if my energy permitted.
  • We've all felt it at times, when your dog is doing ginormous puppy dog eyes at you while you're munching away at something delicious, but most of us know how bad feeding your beloved pet human food can be. So, why not make a cake especially for them? There are thousands of recipes spread across the internet for yummy home made dog treats and i'd love to give it a go. So, when i came across this post about Mini Banana Pupcakes being the perfect gift to your dog i knew i had to save it for Izzy's next special occasion. You wan to know something even better? Humans can eat them too and they taste damn fine.
  • We have a massive problem on this planet. There is a huge lack of respect for the beautiful creatures who can be found in every corner of the earth. They bring so much love and excitement to us, so why do we not return it by letting them live the lives they're supposed to. You don't have to go to the extremes i do (vegan, cruelty free beauty and clothing...) but we can appreciate what we have on this planet and do our bit in making sure everything everywhere is treated well. So, you must read this post about the things you can do with animals while traveling. But, while doing these things may make us happy, it's like torture to these beautiful animals.
  • As you will know, there's a huge online M.E. blogger community and we all love to support each other. One of these bloggers is Charlotte and there's a specific post i'd like to share. When we become ill people around us change the way they interact, some for the better, some for the worse. So, Charlotte's post The New Normal is really helpful in identifying the way people are with us and how we can try to help it.
  •  I love a good vegan food blog. It just makes life so much easier. You want a recipe, you go to a vegan blog, scroll through the archives and you've got a recipe. Easy as pie. No more staring at a screen as you look through thousands of recipes that have popped up on Google search. Great. Which means i love this article on Vegucated of all the best vegan food blogs us veggies should be reading.
  • Last, but by no means least, is a YouTube video that will have you in stitches. This video is part of a feature on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, where he surprises people by talking to them through tv screens at gas stations. It's hilarious to watch how everyone responds and we especially loved the main man singing karaoke with his girlfriend to the gas station tv. Epic.

 p.s. picture 1 source. picture 2 source. picture 3 source.


BOTW! Blackberry & Elderflower Pancakes.

It's bake of the week time again and boy, do we have a good 'un! Have any of you been out blackberry picking yet? If you're able then it's a must do, fresh blackberries baked into every recipe humanly possible, what more could you want! Although, we got ours from Sainsbury's but don't tell, poorly people are allowed. Lets just say, they did not last long. You may or may have not noticed that we love a good pancake recipe around these parts, so you won't be surprised by the amount of delicious pancake recipes we're shoving down your necks (and ours). This home made recipe was especially a winner. In fact, Laura said these were probably top of our pancake chart! The pancakes are loaded with juicy blackberries and sticky sweet elderflower cordial, we even made a delicious matching sauce.

GF/Vegan Blackberry & Elderflower Pancakes serves 1

1 mashed banana
3/4 cup oat flour
1/3 cup almond milk (or which ever milk you prefer)
1tbsp elderflower cordial
1tsp baking powder
handful blackberries

2tbsp elderflower cordial
icing sugar 

  • Add all the batter ingredients to a bowl and whisk until combined.
  • Cut the blackberries in half and gently mix through the batter.
  • Leave to rest for 30mins to 1hour.
  • Heat a non-stick frying pan over a low-medium heat.
  • Add a 1/2 - 1 teaspoon of oil to the pan (we used coconut, makes them perfectly crispy).
  • Pour 1/2 a ladel full of  the batter to the frying pan.
  • Cook until the underneath of the pancake is golden, then flip and cook the other side.
  • Repeat this with as many pancakes as you can squeeze from that batter.
  • Whilst the pancakes are cooking add the 2 tbsp elderflower cordial to a cup and stir through icing sugar until you've reached the consistency you like.
  • Serve the pancakes and pour over the sauce.
  • Gorge.


Bake of the week! What's next?

We've been bad. There's no bake this week. Oh, the shock horror. But, it's okay because we had a lazy snuggly week, we're allowed. So, instead of bringing you a bake, we thought we'd share 4 of the recipes we're dying to make asap.

I'm sure we've all heard it some way or another that matcha is extremely healthy for us and we think that these would be perfect for a green tea addict. And surely, these cookies must be healthy, right?
  Raspberries. That's all we need to say. These do look delicious and a perfect summer recipe to tied you over in the heat (if you've got it, can you tell us where to find it?). And, of course, anything can be made vegan.
We haven't tried making anything like this before but we'd love to give it a go. Sometimes, you start to get a bit spaced out in the afternoon and between breakfast and lunch but these would fix that for sure.
If you've ever been anywhere near a fair/circus you will know how good those freshly cooked doughnuts smell wafting over the whole event. But, doughnuts are really not great for you so we thought these tasty flavoured baked ones would be the perfect substitute.


Thankful Thursday | 16

written by Laura.
We're half way through August and i can't help but look forward to winter. Don't hate me. I'd just much rather be cuddled up in huge comfy jumpers and a cuppa in hand. But, it's still summer so i'll try to stay in a 'summery' mood. There are lots of reasons to stay in though (if you have the choice to go out of course) and all of them are to do with great TV! I restrict myself to one episode/tv programme a day so i don't ware myself out but this week we've had a quiet house, time alone and a certain little rottweiler so i'm allowed. Here goes.

This week i am thankful for:
16 -  The Great British Bake Off being back on. I've watched every single series and the last 2 i've even managed to get Michael roped in (need to keep those ideas flowing, don't we now?). I love Mary Berry, she's a good lookin' old lady, and Sue and Mel. And of course, there's baking. What more could a girl want?

Picture Source.


2 Weeks Notice: Severe M.E. Day Special.

Severe M.E. day was on the 8th August which was Sophia Mirza's 41st Birthday. Now, if you're not buried deep in the onliine M.E. community you probably will have no idea who she was but basically she died of M.E. in 2005 and was the first person to have M.E. listed as her cause of death (a huge milestone for us sufferers).  You can read more about her and her life here. Sever M.E. day was made to help remember all of us who are hidden away in a dark room. There's not a day that goes by when i'm not lonely, but this day makes me feel slightly better about it and that i'm not forgotten about. so Thank you. There was also a campaign to support severe people by wearing a black dress, representing us that live in the dark.You can find more about this here. I had a post for Severe M.E. day but I couldn't finish it. Then, I went back to carry on and I'd completely lost my train of thought. So, I thought why not do another 2 weeks notice special and here we are.
how i spend my afternoons/evenings.
  • I recently stumbled across Brooke's blog and was amazed at how well she presented M.E. to everyone who would read it. Unfortunately, and devistatingly Brooke hasn't got long left. Because of M.E.! So, please please please, read her blog. People don't realise how terrifying M.E. is, how scared we are to know that we could be Brooke at any time, dying from M.E. When I've said to people that severe M.E. (like I have) is like the final stages of cancer they look at me like I'm crazy and kind of move the conversation on; so I dare anyone to read this post and tell me M.E. isn't like cancer. I live in fear. I have never ever got better the whole 5 years I've had M.E., just gradually worse. And lately, it seems every day is worse than the last, which is awful when you're already severe, you think 'where do I go next'. I need help but unfortunately my Doctors don't understand what M.E. is like, they think of it as CFS. Michael rings to speak to a Doctor (they would never come out for a house visit) they say I need to come in which, of course, is impossible. So, I make do myself but if I get much worse I don't know what I'm going to do. But, that Brooke had a a wonderful Doctor makes me so happy that she's had that support. I want everyone to click and read. Then when her movie comes out, I'm going to shove it down everyone's throats, okay?
  • Now, something a little more positive that i am so excited about! Katherine's blog was one of the first i started reading, and i felt an immediate connection because of how severe she had been too. In fact, she's one of my biggest inspirations in the M.E. world. First, i'm going to link in a post she wrote for M.E. awareness day which explains the crapiness of M.E. really well. And, here's the important bit; Katherine's 21st Birthday (just one day after mine!) is no ordinary birthday. Katherine is donating her birthday to M.E. Research UK to help raise awareness and money for all the people suffering every day. You can find out more by reading her post on it. I don't really know what to say, to be honest i'm a bit speechless, but i know everyone in the M.E. community are incredibly proud of her and we'll all be trying to support her while she supports all of us.
  • I'd never read/heard of Dannilion's blog until last Friday, but i feel like we're both at around the same severity level. This means her blog is so useful for me, considering i'm really not great at explaining my M.E., and i'll be getting my family to have a read in the hopes it will help them understand more. Anyway, it's another great blog for Severe M.E. as she goes into great detail about every aspect of her life. I'm having a lot of brain fog lately so i don't know what else to say apart from it's great and go read it biatches.
  • Last, but by no means least, is Sally's blog post trying to explain what severe M.E. is like. And, as someone with Severe M.E. i think she got it pretty spot on, and it's short and sweet, easy for us lot with brain fog to read. She also looks gorgeous in her black dress!


Bake of the week! Avocado Polenta Cake.

Laura's second favourite cake. Ever. That is quite the feat, we all know how much she loves a bit of cake eh? We saw Simon Rimmer cook this on Sunday Brunch and thought seeing as it's quite unusual we would have to give it a go. You can find this amazing recipe right here. We would write it out for you but all we need to say is sub the buttermilk with this vegan way and change the eggs to flax eggs. Awesome.

We have no idea how on earth this cake serves 4-6 people! It's bloody ginormous! We're going to have to freeze some in portions because there's no way Laura's going to munch her self through that much cake. We would say that really it serves 8-10 persons, unless you want to eat a quarter of a giant cake in one go, each to their own. Ours also looks a hell of a lot bigger than the recipe photo but that just shows how marvelous i am at baking. In fact, this is the best rise on a cake we've had in a long long time. We think it's the avocado, it's magic. This cake is so fluffy and light with an amazing flavour that will have your mouth watering. Although, we didn't use the icing as Laura thought it would be a bit rich for her. So, instead we bought a tub of vegan plain yogurt and mixed the ground ginger and lime zest into it to make a delicious light topping. If we haven't convinced you yet, then we don't know what will!


Thankful Thursday | 15

written by Laura.
I'm not great. That's the honest truth and that's why i've been skipping posts here, there and everywhere. I'd like to say i'm feeling better but i'm just not. However, having severe M.E., and tomorrow being severe M.E. day i will be doing a post on what my life's really like in this little bedroom of ours. Anyway, as you can tell, thankful Thursdays are needed at the moment and i love thinking about the positive things in my life.

This week i am thankful for:
14 - having found a protein/energy bar that is both vegan and gluten free, with white chocolate too! They're called Clif Bars and are perfect for when you're having an especially bad M.E. day; small enough to manage but pack a big enough punch to keep you going. I get mine here on Amazon.


Bake of the week! Lemon Lemonies.

 As you will all know if you're a regular reader we love Averie Cooks and she hasn't let us down yet. This week is no exception. Also, you might have guessed that we're lemon crazy and if you haven't then you haven't been paying attention! So, this week is a combination of our well loved favourites that's the perfect summer bake to get your mouth watering. Here's the delightful Lemon Lemonies recipe. Obviously, we changed the recipe to suit our vegan needs and eventually we would like to try making it gluten free too. I just made the eggs using flax seed (here's what we use) and used Tesco's own brand dairy free white chocolate buttons which are surprisingly good. These bars are a little sickly so be careful, i'm sure lemon sick doesn't taste great! They are great in little mouth fulls with a bit of fruit to balance it out. But, they are delightfully gooey and so lemony that it'll be hard to resist.