2 Weeks Notice.

written by Laura.
These posts are my favourite kind! When you're bed bound and feeling like death warmed up, it's nice to be able to lose yourself in the wonderful world that is the internet. Yes, it's tiring, and some may say it's a waste of spoons, but it keeps me sane. Let's just say it's my connection to the outside world. And, i'm sorry the blog posts on here have been a bit sporadic and i don't always reply to comments for quite a while but as my condition is deteriorating i'm learning to properly rest and not stress about things (although, this one isn't going too well...). I love reading your comments and words of support so keep 'em coming, they're much appreciated. Are there any things you've seen online lately that are helping you stay sane? Please leave them in the comments and i'll have a read when i'm able.

  •  Michael is the music man. We went to a party, Michael made the playlist. A new song in the charts, Michael played it months ago. Want to know the words to a song? Michael's your man. So, when he heard this song on an advert, it was my job to track it down (it's the one thing i can actually help with!) and here you go. I don't know what else to say, just give it a listen.
  • Before i was bed bound i made jewellery as something to keep me occupied while everyone else was out. I even managed to rope Michael in and now he's the master of wire rings! I can't do it anymore but i've saved this post on Clairebellemakes so wen i'm better i can tackle those perfectly pretty earrings.
  • Meghan is such a sweet girl and so inspiring to all of us hoping to recover from an eating disorder. She's written an amazing post about eating disorders on her blog that is a must read. Her blog is full of wonderful totally vegan and gluten free recipes that i'm dying to try (well, dying for Michael to cook!). Also, she has one of my favourite instagram accounts, i could scroll through that for hours if my energy permitted.
  • We've all felt it at times, when your dog is doing ginormous puppy dog eyes at you while you're munching away at something delicious, but most of us know how bad feeding your beloved pet human food can be. So, why not make a cake especially for them? There are thousands of recipes spread across the internet for yummy home made dog treats and i'd love to give it a go. So, when i came across this post about Mini Banana Pupcakes being the perfect gift to your dog i knew i had to save it for Izzy's next special occasion. You wan to know something even better? Humans can eat them too and they taste damn fine.
  • We have a massive problem on this planet. There is a huge lack of respect for the beautiful creatures who can be found in every corner of the earth. They bring so much love and excitement to us, so why do we not return it by letting them live the lives they're supposed to. You don't have to go to the extremes i do (vegan, cruelty free beauty and clothing...) but we can appreciate what we have on this planet and do our bit in making sure everything everywhere is treated well. So, you must read this post about the things you can do with animals while traveling. But, while doing these things may make us happy, it's like torture to these beautiful animals.
  • As you will know, there's a huge online M.E. blogger community and we all love to support each other. One of these bloggers is Charlotte and there's a specific post i'd like to share. When we become ill people around us change the way they interact, some for the better, some for the worse. So, Charlotte's post The New Normal is really helpful in identifying the way people are with us and how we can try to help it.
  •  I love a good vegan food blog. It just makes life so much easier. You want a recipe, you go to a vegan blog, scroll through the archives and you've got a recipe. Easy as pie. No more staring at a screen as you look through thousands of recipes that have popped up on Google search. Great. Which means i love this article on Vegucated of all the best vegan food blogs us veggies should be reading.
  • Last, but by no means least, is a YouTube video that will have you in stitches. This video is part of a feature on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, where he surprises people by talking to them through tv screens at gas stations. It's hilarious to watch how everyone responds and we especially loved the main man singing karaoke with his girlfriend to the gas station tv. Epic.

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