Bake of the week! Avocado Polenta Cake.

Laura's second favourite cake. Ever. That is quite the feat, we all know how much she loves a bit of cake eh? We saw Simon Rimmer cook this on Sunday Brunch and thought seeing as it's quite unusual we would have to give it a go. You can find this amazing recipe right here. We would write it out for you but all we need to say is sub the buttermilk with this vegan way and change the eggs to flax eggs. Awesome.

We have no idea how on earth this cake serves 4-6 people! It's bloody ginormous! We're going to have to freeze some in portions because there's no way Laura's going to munch her self through that much cake. We would say that really it serves 8-10 persons, unless you want to eat a quarter of a giant cake in one go, each to their own. Ours also looks a hell of a lot bigger than the recipe photo but that just shows how marvelous i am at baking. In fact, this is the best rise on a cake we've had in a long long time. We think it's the avocado, it's magic. This cake is so fluffy and light with an amazing flavour that will have your mouth watering. Although, we didn't use the icing as Laura thought it would be a bit rich for her. So, instead we bought a tub of vegan plain yogurt and mixed the ground ginger and lime zest into it to make a delicious light topping. If we haven't convinced you yet, then we don't know what will!

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