Bake of the week! Lemon Lemonies.

 As you will all know if you're a regular reader we love Averie Cooks and she hasn't let us down yet. This week is no exception. Also, you might have guessed that we're lemon crazy and if you haven't then you haven't been paying attention! So, this week is a combination of our well loved favourites that's the perfect summer bake to get your mouth watering. Here's the delightful Lemon Lemonies recipe. Obviously, we changed the recipe to suit our vegan needs and eventually we would like to try making it gluten free too. I just made the eggs using flax seed (here's what we use) and used Tesco's own brand dairy free white chocolate buttons which are surprisingly good. These bars are a little sickly so be careful, i'm sure lemon sick doesn't taste great! They are great in little mouth fulls with a bit of fruit to balance it out. But, they are delightfully gooey and so lemony that it'll be hard to resist.

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  1. Ooooo, these look good. I lovw lemon deserts, I just wish I could eat them ^^
    Hope you're doing good :)

    Sally xx