Bake of the week! Summer Pudding.

It's time to say Farewell to summer and Hola to autumn which, i must say, we're very pleased about that around these parts. So, we thought we'd make the perfect summer recipe to drag those last tendrils of summer out of us and make going into autumn all the more special. I know many of you are very sad about how quick summer disappeared from our grasps, but who doesn't love cuddling up under a huge wooly blanket with steaming hot comfort food? We're convinced. This weeks recipe is Summer Pudding.

The picture above; it's not mold, it's the reflection of our lime green kitchen! We adapted the recipe a little to use our favourite berries (we hate those icky little redcurrants) but you can change it up to suit your taste. We used frozen blueberries, cherries and Mum picked some blackberries for us which were delicious. This recipe is super easy but looks pretty complicated so it's a great one for an end of summer barbeque where you want to show off but don't have enough time or spoons to whip up a storm. This is one of Laura's new favourite puddings, it's pretty healthy and super sweet. Oh, and served with ice cream of course!

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