Bake of the week! What's next?

We've been bad. There's no bake this week. Oh, the shock horror. But, it's okay because we had a lazy snuggly week, we're allowed. So, instead of bringing you a bake, we thought we'd share 4 of the recipes we're dying to make asap.

I'm sure we've all heard it some way or another that matcha is extremely healthy for us and we think that these would be perfect for a green tea addict. And surely, these cookies must be healthy, right?
  Raspberries. That's all we need to say. These do look delicious and a perfect summer recipe to tied you over in the heat (if you've got it, can you tell us where to find it?). And, of course, anything can be made vegan.
We haven't tried making anything like this before but we'd love to give it a go. Sometimes, you start to get a bit spaced out in the afternoon and between breakfast and lunch but these would fix that for sure.
If you've ever been anywhere near a fair/circus you will know how good those freshly cooked doughnuts smell wafting over the whole event. But, doughnuts are really not great for you so we thought these tasty flavoured baked ones would be the perfect substitute.


  1. Yum! I really like the sound of those blueberry lemon balls!

    Lennae xxx

  2. Oooo, the raspberry shortbread bars look amazing. Your problem would be substituting butter but I'd use coconut oil being a fat with similar properties. It would change the flavour though but coconut & raspberry are a nice combination.

    Sally | wheelchair fashion, lifestyle & more

    1. We normally use a vegan butter substitute but the coconut oil sounds like a good idea thank you :D xx