Thankful Thursday | 16

written by Laura.
We're half way through August and i can't help but look forward to winter. Don't hate me. I'd just much rather be cuddled up in huge comfy jumpers and a cuppa in hand. But, it's still summer so i'll try to stay in a 'summery' mood. There are lots of reasons to stay in though (if you have the choice to go out of course) and all of them are to do with great TV! I restrict myself to one episode/tv programme a day so i don't ware myself out but this week we've had a quiet house, time alone and a certain little rottweiler so i'm allowed. Here goes.

This week i am thankful for:
16 -  The Great British Bake Off being back on. I've watched every single series and the last 2 i've even managed to get Michael roped in (need to keep those ideas flowing, don't we now?). I love Mary Berry, she's a good lookin' old lady, and Sue and Mel. And of course, there's baking. What more could a girl want?

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  1. It might be summer but you'll still find me under a blanket with tea in hand haha!

    I LOVE bake off! Its one of my favouite things on tv. The only thing that could make it better would be replacing Paul Hollywood with a younger much more dreamier model! hehe! Obviously needed as one doesn't get out much!
    Emma Xx

  2. Ha! I'm exactly the same!

    Ooh, i see ;) of course everyone needs eye candy :P

    love x

  3. I hate the winter! (Other than Christmas time) I'm definitely a summer person, I don't want the summer to end! That said, I do love getting cosy with a cup of tea and blanket, but I did that on my holiday in 30+degrees! I suppose that's poor temperature control for you!

    1. Sounds like you need to live on the equator! :P I went to the beach a few years ago and whilst everyone else was in their bikinis I had to wear both of my Mums' jumpers over my own as well as a blanket :S temperature control is something we seem to be lacking!

  4. I love Sue and Mel - they make the entire show for me!

    Jemma // Jemma In Words