2 Weeks Notice.

I'm sorry we've missed loads of these lately, I've been really poorly lately and it's all a bit much. But, I thought writing a blog post and talking about all these awesome links would take my mind off the pain, even just for a bit. So, after a month of missing these posts I have a hell of a lot of wonderful links to share with you, although I'll try to keep it as short and sweet as possible.

  • One of my favourite Spoonies has recently gone through a big food change and I'm very proud of her for her determination and how well she's doing. So, when I saw this healthy granola recipe on her blog I knew that I'd be begging Michael to give it a go.
  • Keeping on the theme of food; don't you ever get a bit frustrated over baking measurements? If yes, then this post is a god send! We'll definitely be using this when we want to change measurements from cups to grams.
  • I recently came across this blog on Instagram run by 2 beautiful spoonies. Please take a look, they're only just starting out but I would say they definitely have a talent with words! They've both had M.E. but that's not all and they've come through it so well. This is what the word inspiration was made for.
  • I love Kaelah's blog, she's absolutely gorgeous and she's recently had a beautiful baby boy who will have you cooing for hours! But, the post I'm featuring today is this one including artwork that basically takes the piss out of some of America's laws.
  • I love reading Hello Giggles! It is one of my favourite places on the interweb to have a nice easy read and zone out. I especially loved this this post about 2 homeless doggie best friends who got a new home.
  • Lastly, and again from Hello Giggles, are these heart warming videos of a gorgeous little puppy and a cheetah cub who are a the cutest companions in an American zoo. Procrastination to the Max.

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  1. Just scrolled down and thought that looks familiar before realising its my photo haha! Thank you so much Laura, I'm very proud too, just gotta keep it up. :)
    I hope you're feeling better soon

    Emma Xx