21, An Engagement & Feasting.

So, here you go. As promised, a post crammed full of photos we took whilst away in Brighton (quick warning: don't read this post hungry).

The perfect choice: the room at Umi Hotel / the view from the bed / little message in the bathroom / a Lush haul.

Thank god for takeaways: a delicious lunch of Pho's Vietnamese Noodle Soup / munching on a vegan Felafel, avocado & pineapple burger / our Birthday takeaway from GBK / Michael gorging on his Taxidriver Burger.

We love ice cream: my special Birthday Lemon Cake / an ice cream shop called Boho Gelato that sells vegan ice creams! / mine was a scoop each of Strawberry & Rhubarb and Raspberry & Elderflower sorbets / Michael's was a scoop each of  Blueberry Cheesecake ice cream and Raspberry & Elderflower sorbet.

So many Vegan restaurants, so little time: Vbites Vegan Cafe for lunch: my BBQ Chicky pizza / Michael's Mozarella pizza / yummy Carrot Cake / Michael's Banana & Chocolate Cake.

The best of friends: one of my favourite photos right after Michael proposed / a box full of lovely goodies from Sally / Pretty things from Emma / The most thoughtful gift from Katharine.


  1. Congratulations!! And lovely photos too. xx

  2. Looks like you had an amazing time!

    Lennae xxx

  3. Yum yum yum.

    So glad you both had a lovely time in Brighton and CONGRATULATIONS!!!! :D


  4. Oh Laura, I'm hungry and waiting for my dinner! Can't say I've not been warned! Everything looks amazing. I'm checking out that ice cream place next time I make it down to Brighton. I love all the ring photo bombing! I'm so happy you had a lovely birthday and that you like the gifts too!

    Emma Xx

    1. You should definitely go! Thank you :) xx

  5. It looks like such a lovely trip and I am so happy for you guys! Congratulations!!!!!

  6. Oh my goodness, I'm so behind on everything. Can't believe I missed this. HUGE congratulations to you both. Lots of love