Bake of the week! It's time to move on.

Yup, that's it, no more bakes. Please don't be sad, it's for a very good reason. First, Mum's cooker is appalling, a recipe says 20 minutes, the oven says 1 hour. Also, if any of you have tried vegan/gluten-free baking you will know that it needs to be very specific and we can't do that. In fact, we tried one last bake to share with you lovely lot that failed miserably. Secondly, I don't fancy anything lately, my eating is not going well due to constant stomach aches and a belly so bloated I look pregnant (which I'm not, don't panic!). Thirdly, Michael definitely does not have a sweet tooth and I definitely can't eat a whole bake to myself so we're waisting things, which I hate doing. So, there you go. There will still be bakes posted every now and again seeing as we're freezing some things in portions, so when I'm finding it particularly hard Michael can just defrost something for me. However, this Sunday spot won't be left empty... We're going to do a recipe of the week instead, all vegan, all gluten-free. We're quite excited about this so expect some very creative recipes.

Also, we're very excited to start blogging more regularly again, we miss this little space. And, believe me I have a ton of post ideas! There's going to be a pretty, easier to navigate new blog design coming soon too. Does anyone else get more passionate about blogging when they have a new design to share on? So, that's that. We hope you'll stick with us we evolve this little internet plot.

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