Thankful Thursday | 18

Hi guys! Yup, it's that time of the week. Again. It seems that the time is just flying away from us. It's even harder when you're really poorly, you can't do anything so you kinda feel like the time is wasted. God, M.E. causes so many complications and mind hell, and i was bad enough before!

This week i am thankful for:
18 - having learned mindfulness. I'm not very good at just being and not thinking, it's something i've been working really hard at. I'm sure anyone who has read this blog for a little while will know that as well as M.E. i have been suffering with Anorexia for 10 years and i had a pretty crap childhood, so my head is a complete mess. But, since giving mindfulness a go i have found relaxing a lot easier and i can deal with things a lot better. I got a lot of my information from my friend Kym and
 a guy on This Morning but all you've got to do is type mindfulness on Google and your eyes will be flooded with links. Also, there are quite a lot of amazing audiobooks that will talk you through the basics. Go on, give it a go.

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  1. I'm glad you have found mindfulness to be of some help. I think it is a great tool and skill to have especially when you are in a less fortunate position in your life where stress and upset comes too often. I love that image too, I wish I was there right now!

    Hayley-Eszti | www.hayleyeszti.blogspot.com