Thankful Thursday | 21

Top o' the morning to you. Gosh, it's really starting to get chilly! Michael is one of those people who are always hot but even he's feeling it, which means I'm not just being a wimp. So keep warm you lovely lot, it's the season of tea.

This week I am thankful for:
21 - my love of tea. My fiancé (see what I did there) hates any hot drink, we used to make white hot chocolate but he'd leave it to cool down before drinking it. I know, sacrebleu! When we were away in a cottage in the middle of nowhere and he'd forgotten to bring anything other than lemonade, but of course lemonade didn't last long. All we had was tea but rather than drink that, he drank nothing! Bless him. Anyway, back to the point; I love tea! There are so many different types, different flavours and different ways of brewing. I may get a little excited but why not? It keeps you warm, tastes delicious and has a huge list of benefits.


  1. I don't think I've ever met anyone who doesn't like tea! Each to their own of course, it's what makes us all different :-) xx

  2. I LOVE tea too!! It's so comforting and relaxing too, even better on cold days. I've noticed it too, the cold, and I'm not a fan. I hate waking up to chilly morinings, although what an excuse for tea! I think my mum is a little put out with the amount of space all my different teas take up!
    Emma Xx

    1. Tea and snuggles, i think our Thankful Thursdays this week go well together :) Me too, i have boxes of it that take up a corner of our bedroom, i even forget what flavours i have! xx