We're [Not Quite] Back.

Right, here goes. If you follow us on Instagram then you will know that I've been extremely poorly but if not, I had a nasty virus that ended up with me in hospital. Of course, my shitty local sent me back home with the usual 'There's nothing we can do, we can't find anything' so I've been at home just resting. Unfortunately, I haven't picked up and I'm getting hit with every single thing possible. To be honest with you lovely lot, I'm terrified of feeling this bad, terrified that I only seem to get worse and worse, terrified of what my life is becoming. But Michael keeps me going, keeps me giggling and smiling. Anyway, I really bloody miss blogging, and seen as not doing anything at all doesn't seem to do too much good I think I could fit in one little blog post a week. It will probably be recipe posts as Michael's been whipping up a storm in the kitchen, hoping that he can make something I like to at least stop me eating even less (not going too well at the moment). I'm so excited to do this, my days feel pretty empty right now and I think nattering away to our lovely readers will help! You're going to love our recent recipes and if they help you then that's even better. So, see you soon :)

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  1. Hate to hear you've been having such a rough time, Laura but it's so nice to know that Michael is doing such a good job looking after you. If he gets a minute, get him to send me your address as I'd love to send you a (very little) something in the post.
    Lots of love, thinking of you and sending virtual hugs from afar
    Freckles and All