Have I Got News For You.

We. Have. A. Flat. And it ain't no false alarm this time either. We wanted to wait until everything was signed and sorted before we shared it with you lovely lot. The flat is absolutely perfect for us, very spacious and they even popped in a wet room for me (so I'll be having my first shower in 2 & 1/2 years!). We can't wait to share this massive new start with you so expect lots of interior posts and many more recipes now we'll have a much better oven. So, on the 12th January we will be moving into our new home. Now, the down side, as you will know I'm severely affected by M.E. and am permanently bed bound but the council don't seem to get that, which means I've had to leave the comfort of my bed many times to get shit done. They wouldn't come to us but they wouldn't hand the flat over without me so off I toddled. This has really affected me, so much so that, after I finally stopped and rested properly on Christmas eve, my body went into shutdown. I spent most of Christmas barely being able to keep my eyes open, though the good side is Michael found me very cute. I'm not feeling any better and feel incredibly scared of how the actual moving is going to affect me. I know I will have lots of support but its still very stressful and instead of just resting quietly with Michael every day or only talking to someone for 5 minutes a day, there will be people in and out. Also, Michael will have to help with heavy lifting of furniture whilst I still need him so help me do things (Mum and Nan aren't strong enough). I don't want to sound like a moaning minny but this is the truth of big changes on a chronically ill person, it sucks. It's terrifying when you can do so little anyway to be faced with a pretty certain possibility that you will end up feeling much more poorly than your current worse. I am so happy though that it's finally happening and we can start our own little life and I know that all my lovely Spoonies will be so pleased and supportive. What's keeping me going? The thought that Izzy will finally be at home, with us. Now, I think it's time I started leaving things in the hands of Papa Bear.


  1. Yay for the flat! :-) But boo hiss for feeling rotten over Christmas :-(
    Looking forward to hearing all about your new pad in the New Year! xx

  2. I'm so glad you have the flat but I'm so sorry that people aren't understanding your condition & it's making it so hard for you. I hope that the rest makes you feel as much better as possible & that your new place is as amazing as it should be ^^

    Sally xx