Michael's A Growed Up Now.

Michaell with his Dominos feast.
Here we are, 2 days after my gorgeous man turned 21 and 2 days until we move into our own place. Quite the time! I won't go into detail but i am majorly paying for all this, for someone who is permanently bed bound and can't sit up themselves it's hard work. This past week has really hit me, things like chewing food and brushing teeth are going out the window a bit at the minute, but it's about time i listened completely to my body's needs and i'm very proud of myself (if i do say so myself). To be honest, i just can't wait to be in our own little space and finally being able to have our beautiful Izzy full time, so that kinda makes up for it. Anyway, Michael's birthday revolved around food, his main passion in life (along with gaming and me, ofc) and there was some damn good food. We have a wonderful woman with a baking business in our area called Hannah Banana Bakery who makes gorgeous vegan cakes. Want to know a secret? I think she uses magic. Best. Cakes. Ever. Even the gluten-free ones (that we always get), and that's saying something! She even does cupcakes by post! So, i made an order specially for Michael with all his favourites that he could munch away on to his hearts content.

vanilla cupcake with a cherry compote centre & cola icing / fondant 21 / munching / his new watch (i get him 1 every year, it's tradition)

banana cupcake with butterscotch icing & honeycomb / lemon cupcake with a lemon curd filling & vegan meringue


Chickpea & Potato Stew.

So, our moving has been delayed by a week. Though, for you, that means you're getting a post you wouldn't have. I'm kinda glad because this one's a winner, especially for my spoonies and i know, ill or not, that everyone will love it! I've been extremely poorly lately so i'm on a diet of puree, fun. But, luckily, i have a fiance who is a whiz in the kitchen and always gets it right. This is a stew so it does have that hearty feeling but everything's soft enough to be as easy going down as a soup. I don't really know what else to say other than this was a life saver the other week and there was still loads left over to freeze in 'Laura size' portions.

Chickpea & Potato Stew (serves 7)

1 onion
2cm piece of fresh ginger, grated
4tsp ground cumin
2tsp ground ginger
3tsp chilli powder
15 small baby potatoes, halved
5 carrots, chopped into chunks
2 large parsnips, chopped into chunks
1 tin of chickpeas
1 tin of chopped tomatoes
700ml vegetable stock
4tsp tomato puree
  • Gently cook the onion and fresh ginger in a large pan (and we mean large) until the onion is translucent. Add the dried spices cook with the onion for a few minutes, then add all the veggies and mix well.
  • Add the chickpeas, the stock and veggie puree and give it a stir. Then cover and leave to gently cook over a medium heat for 45 minutes, stiring regularly until the veggies are tender (or very soft for us poorly gals) and the stew has thickened. If needed, add some more stock and let cook for another 5 minutes.
  • Season the stew to your tastes and enjoy! Easy Peasy.


Thankful Thursday: New Year's Day Edition.

First of all, Happy New Year! I hope you all had a lovely time seeing in the new year, we snuggled in bed watching Graham Norton, then Jools Holland and it was rather perfect for us.

2014 was not the best year for us unfortunately, I had a lot of old demons come rising up and I've not been the easiest person to be around (sorry babe). But, good things have also happened so here's what I'm thankful for from 2014.

In 2014 we were thankful for:
  • Getting engaged - In September the most wonderful thing happened, Michael proposed! It was perfect and in our most favourite place in the world, Brighton. I'm so happy and we're trying to get started with wedding planning. We've set a date for the 18th September 2016 and i cant wait to be a wife! You can read more about us getting engaged here and here.
  • Me having found my wedding dress 'The One' - I know, i know, she's nuts. We knew we were getting to the marriage stage for a while but there hadn't been a good time until a few months ago, however that didn't stop me looking for wedding dresses on Etsy. I had a very specific vision in mind, yet had never seen anything like it. Then. There it was. On a beautiful website i stumble upon by chance and it was love. Mum bought the dress the other day (she's always wanted to buy my dress) so it's done and that's the dress i'll be wheeling down the aisle in. the woman who runs the shop has been absolutely delightful, even helping work out all my needs.
  • Changing our wedding date - We were supposed to be getting married in September this year (2015) but we just didn't have the money nor the the time to be getting married then. So, after a lot of stressing, we finally decided to push it back so we would have even more time to make it the perfect-est day ever!
  • Having a lovely bunch of  lovely spoonie friends - This year has been a beautiful year for friendships and i couldn't be more thankful for all the lovely ladies that have been incredibly supportive. One of my best friends (out of the M.E. community, but still a spoonie) emailed me when we started this blog and we've been nattering away ever since, she's even my Maid Of Honour/Chief Bridesmaid! Then there are the 3 lovely ladies i've really connected with in the last 6 months, who are so lovely and understanding that it makes my heart fuzzy. Here are their blogs: Sweet Emma over at Emma's Looking Glass, Inspiring Katharine from 
  • Katharine and M.E. and Gorgeous Sally at Wheelingalong24.
  • Reaching 120 followers on Bloglovin - Wow. This may not seem a lot to some but to us it's an amazing achievement (in last years NYD post we had a goal of 50) . We've not posted consistently, or very often in the last few months but you sweeties have stuck with us through thick and thin. And, we're still getting new followers so Thank You.
  • Reading (or listening to) 67 books - Yup, by Jove, I did it! I'm really proud of this one considering for the past few months I have been suffering with extremely severe M.E. I even managed to beat my Goodreads of 36 books by April. I think I deserve a pat on the back, even if I do say so myself. (You can follow me on Goodreads here).
  • Izzy being saved by some awesome vets - Izzy got very ill with a womb problem (read more about it here) and if we hadn't dealt with it in the timely manner we did, Izzy wouldn't have made it. But, the vets did all the hard work and they did a marvelous job. Here are some cute pictures of a poorly Izzy after her op.
  • Scamp being just as much trouble as a pup - Our Bichon-Fise, Scamp, is getting on a bit now, bless him. However, he's showed no sign of stopping anytime soon. In fact, i would say as he's getting older he's becoming even more trouble! If you read our first ever post about our animals (though, Barley the bunny has passed now) then you will know Scamps history, including being hit by a transit van and getting up and walking the next day, to the vets extreme surprise may i add. So, it's no surprise that he's not letting a bit of arthritis hold him down. His escapades around Christmas include: Ripping open all the presents under my step-mums tree on Christmas eve (leaving her to re-wrap every single one), going absolutely nuts on Christmas morning with Izzy for presents (and not stopping once the present was unwrapped) and last but not least, standing on my chest every single day and staring into my eyes (not creepy at all...).
  • Getting the keys to our flat & having a wet room - If you've been following us for a while, then you will know about our struggle to move out into a more disabled friendly home. After 3 long years, we're finally there and it is incredibly exciting. It's going to be amazing to be able to make our very own cosy home with my love and our Izzy. There's more about that here.
So, even though i am extremely poorly right now, and just keep getting worse and worse, there are some lovely things to look back on in 2014 that we'll remember forever.

This year, we've set some goals (resolutions never work) that we'd like to work on incorporating into our lives. We also have some 'things we'd like to do in 2015' goals. You can see them on our 2015 Pinterest board. I've found that, through making my goals visual, i am much more excited about what we can achieve in 2015, and when i'm feeling low i can look at the pinterest board and focus on that. Also, look forward to lots of exciting blog things coming your way this year (including a new blog design in February to suit us and our readers more), and Thank You for listening to our crazy rambles. And i have a feeling, 2015 is going to be our best yet.