That word up there sums me up right now. I'm so darn tired, we're working hard to keep Izzy from being a little madame (she lives with us now!), we still have quite a bit to do and I'm missing the spoonie community. I'm feeling a lot worse, I'm horizontal 24/7 but I've got this resting shizz down! So, seeing as we've been here a month now, I want to get back on the blogging band wagon. But, bare with me, something happened to make me step away from blogging and I'm still a little wary, meaning it might be a while before I'm back on my game (I just think, I need to blog because my Nan loves reading it!).

So, yeah, we've moved into our own little flat and it's perfect! So much so, that even if I could leave the house, we wouldn't want to. I can't wait until we've finished decorating so we can show you all, the bedrooms not far off, all we need is to hang our pictures up, get Izzy a dog bed and put up a couple of shelves then it will be ready for your eyes. Its so exciting! Anyway, I better rest now, I've got a post ready for next week (hopefully anyway) and I have a lot planned for you lovely lot. TTFN, tata for now!