Mothers Day.

My Mum and Nan are round for a bit of Michael's apple crumble, cuppa and a chin wag today. It's nice seeing as I only see them properly once a month at the moment due to my severity, but they are always one text away (especially my Nan who uses text speak like she's 12 years old!) and will do anything I need so Michael doesn't have to leave me alone and helpless. And seeing as were not buying cards any more for anyone other than Spoonies who need a little love through the door, evil i know, but too many trees dying for cards when we can just say happy birthday etc. I like to give little time gifts that I'll give when I can.

Before I got ill and for my 1st year of M.E. all 3 of us ladies would go off for a day of shopping and a spot of lunch every Christmas, and for me this was one of my favourite bits of Christmas. And i thought it would be nice to do it again before all the wedding shizz next year. So, sometime near Christmas I'll rest like a trouper so we can have a wander round and have a little natter. I've worked around my issues too! Michael can sit somewhere with something techy so he's there when I need the loo or a little help but out the way enough that it's lady time. And thanks to Pamp I have a wonderful head rest for my wheelchair so I'll be completely supported. Also, we'll go in the week when it's not so busy, so you'll have to take a sneaky day off work Mum! Ooh! Lunch is on me. Sorted.


  1. That sounds like a lovely plan Laura. I hope you had a great time together on Sunday and enjoyed Michael's apple crumble! xxx

    1. We did thank you and I'm lucky I have such a great chef ;) xx