M.E. Awareness Month.

Hello guys! Sorry we haven't been around lately, I've been really struggling, the Mr has been attending to my whims and I'm storing as many spoons as possible for MEAM. Yep, I'm going to post everyday in May and I'm doing it to raise awareness and money for the charity Invest In M.E. It's going to hurt and quite honestly, I am bloody terrified but it's something I need to do. So, I'd love if you'd sponsor me on my just giving page and support me throughout the month of May (I'm going to need it!).
Also, i'm going to be doing an M.E. Q&A with my Mum and Michael for the blog and i'd love it if you had any questions you'd like me to put to them. Eg. What are you most looking forward to when i/Laura get/s better? Just leave them in the comments below and i'll add them in. It's very exciting to be doing something that will benefit so many people and i hope you'll love reading all the posts.