MEAM: Challenges.

For those who don't know, for M.E. awareness month (May) I am writing a post, despite my severe illness, every single day. I'm doing this to raise money and awareness for the neurological chronic illness M.E. and the charity Invest In M.E.in the hope that one day we may find a cure. So, I'd really love if you'd head over to my JustGiving page and sponsor me throughout this challenge. Thank you.

Writing a post every day for M.E. Awareness Month is one of the hardest things I have ever done! Throughout this month I have regretted it at times and really struggled getting posts done, then sharing it all on social media to raise awareness. It's been a bloody tough one. But, we're on the last week now and I'm really excited to complete this goal, see how many blog views we've had and how much money we've raised. Michael and I are also going to be having a little celebration on Sunday, the last day of MEAM, with lots of yummy foods! Michael will be making this Blueberry, Lemon & Almond Cake which is 'everything free' so a healthy treat and we've bought some special fancy lemonade, and Izzy might get a sneaky bit of melon and cashew butter. She has posed beautifully for many photo's so... Maybe some of you could have a little treat along with us and share it on Instagram or Twitter, one final push and a little thank you from me to you for all being so great. Sorry this post is a little rambly, me, Michael and the pup have got a tummy bug so we're all a bit all over the place. But, we can do it. We should all give ourselves a pat on the back for even the tiniest of achievements, because, when you have M.E., every single thing we do is amazing. So, whenever you feel down or useless, think about all the challenges you face everyday, how you overcome them even when you can barely move, and know, that you do the most incredible things everyday, and we're all so proud of you.

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