MEAM: It's Okay If You...

For those who don't know, for M.E. awareness month (May) I am writing a post, despite my severe illness, every single day. I'm doing this to raise money and awareness for the neurological chronic illness M.E. and the charity Invest In M.E.in the hope that one day we may find a cure. So, I'd really love if you'd head over to my JustGiving page and sponsor me throughout this challenge. Thank you.


  • Get angry and throw things.
  • Get confused and very stressed.
  • Need to use a commode.
  • Cry and just need a cuddle.
  • Get jealous of other people, even other spoonies. 
  • Have to cancel because you just can't do it.
  • Say no one understands.
  • Have more bad days than good.
  • Can't manage physio sometimes.
  • Just can't face the world.
  • Buy lots of goodies online.
  • Eat ice cream for every meal, just for one day.
  • Don't wash for weeks and weeks.
  • Rely on dry shampoo to feel even a tiny bit normal.
  • Have binge watched every episode of Big Bang Theory.
  • Don't change your pyjamas 3 days in a row. 
  • Tell people to be quiet around you while you rest.
  • Get over excited about post.
  • Need to have a good moan.
  • Want to give M.E. to someone else just for one day.
  • Wear sunglasses inside, you're not a douche.
  • Can't stand the sound of someone breathing.
  • Get tired at the thought of going to the toilet.
  • Can't speak to your family for weeks and weeks.
  • Feel like you know the presenters on This Morning.

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