MEAM: MEAW: Spoonie Love.

For those who don't know, for M.E. awareness month (May) I am writing a post, despite my severe illness, every single day. I'm doing this to raise money and awareness for the neurological chronic illness M.E. and the charity Invest in M.E. in the hope that one day we may find a cure. So, I'd really love if you'd head over to my JustGiving page and sponsor me throughout this challenge. Thank you.

When i first got M.E. i had no idea what an amazing community there was out there, and not just for M.E. either, but all the chronic illnesses too. The spoonie community rocks. I truly believe that without this lifeline there would be a hell of a lot less survivors. No matter how ignorant the Doctors are, how rude and inconciderate friends or family are, how much we feel alone, how much we hurt, there are always others going through it, all you have to do is reach out. It's a great place to have. Anyway, it took me 3 years of M.E. before i found the community and i was so upset that i'd gone so long, winging it myself, before knowing about all the love. So, i'm not going tolet you feel the same! I've decided i'm going to share all the M.E. blogs i know of, seeing as that's a good place to start. As for Instagram and Twitter, all you have to do is type these baby's in; '#spoonie' '#mecfs' '#severeme' '#meawareness' '#spooniesisters' '#chronicillness' '#myalgicencephalomyelitis' and many more but these should find you some lovely fellows. But, here are as many blogs as i can think of that might help you out and give you that extra bit of hope.

AnnaM.E. Myself and I - Anna has had M.E. for nearly 5 years now. Her blog is a great one to read if you have trouble getting out how you feel and what it's like, share with your family.
SallyWheeling Along 24 - Sally has had M.E. for 4/5 years. Her blog is not the usual health blog but it focuses on wheelchair fashion. I've never seen anyone who looks quite as fabulour stuck in those contraptions. Sally also wrote a post on severe M.E. which is a must read but hard hitting too.
KatharineKatharine and M.E. - Katharine has had M.E. for 7 years. I might be bias but this is absolutely one of my favourite blogs to read! It is beautifully written and very in depth and informative. I did an interview with Katharine for M.E. awareness day that's full of wise words on what living with a chronic illness is truly like.
Hayley-EsztiHayley-Eszti - Hayley-Eszti (do you reckon I could say her name one more time?) has had M.E for 4 years. This girl is the sassiest star I've ever 'met' and constantly raises awareness in style! Hayley-Eszti has recently been in the press for her quest for disabled models. Head over to her blog as there's so so much good stuff to read.
Emma - Emma's Looking Glass - Emma has had M.E. for 5 years. Emma rarely writes about M.E. but instead does a lot of gorgeous fashion posts. It's refreshing for a 'normal topic blog' to be written so successfully by someone so poorly.
FayeFreckles & All - Faye has suffered with M.E. for 2 years. Faye is just so sweet and this definitely comes across in her writing. She is very positive and talks a lot about moving forward with M.E. like this reaching acceptance post. I especially love the posts her boyfriend Jared has written for a different view on M.E. from the loved one. There's a carer q&a with Jared and his most recent guest post.
SianMe, Myself & M.E. - Sian has had M.E. for 4 years. Sian writes a load of awesome posts on living with M.E. tips and a few about mental health. She has recently been campaigning for M.E. charities by organising a princess event that she's raised nearly £5,000 for! You can still donate too!
AliAll About M.E. - Ali has suffered with M.E. for 12 years! Though she has managed to fit having a beautiful little girl into that. Ali's blog includes many things about being a Mum with M.E. and I find it incredibly inspirational. Also, if you like glitter, then you must read this blog. She recently did a post with Sian on two different perspectives of M.E. that is worth a read.
JennyJenny Helen, my spoonie life - Jenny has had M.E. for 8 years now. I love this blog! I find out so much and I love sharing her posts as I can never quite get it out like she does. Her post What is M.E.? Over worked, lazy or neither? is particularly thought provoking.
MegMeg Says - Meg has been stick with M.E. for 3 years. Meg's blog is a total must read, through that and her Instagram she managed to get a blogging job that she can do from the comfort of her bed. It's not all totally M.E. related which is nice as it's just tied throguhout, letting people know the truth of M.E. slowly. I think everyone should read Megs post M.E. is not a mentall illness. Full stop. She also has an awesome YouTube channel that is mainly fashion and beauty related, although recently she filmed a video on M.E. with Hayley-Eszti for M.E. awareness day.
Emma DrusillaEmma Drusilla - Emma has had M.E. for 3 years. Emma is so intelligent and I love all her posts. My most recent favourite is her own stone theory which I think is a great way of explaining chronic illness. But, her YouTube channel is where it's at.
ClareA Life Within An Illness - Clare has suffered with M.E. for 10 years. For some reason I didn't realise Clare had a blog until recently so I'm very behind but from what I have read I know it's going straight on my must-read list and I can't wait to get reading! For M.E. awareness day she posted A Day In My Life which shares her daily routine and shows what it's like behind closed doors.
Rachel - This Open Book - Rachel has had M.E. for 3 years. Rachel is yet to post on this new blog but I'm excitedly waiting for her first post. Her previous blog was amazing! Rachel writes so beautifully and all her words are so amazing that I may have been left a bit tearful too many times. She also has the support of a lovely boyfriend so it's nice to know other spoonies can find love.

New blog that sounds promising and is an amazing idea - Extra Long Duvet Day

Those are all my favourites and one's I read regularly. However, there are many many more that are worth a read and lots more that cover all chronic illnesses that you should be able to find through Instagram or Twitter. I hope this helps some of you and that you're all as well as possible.


  1. Hey Laura, it was so sweet of you to mention me alongside all these beautiful women. I've really been enjoying your daily posts this month and even though I haven't had much energy to comment and share, please know you have my total support. You've given such an honest insight into everyday life with chronic illness - sending huge, gentle hugs of encouragement and support xx
    (By the way I've been ill for three years, haha)

  2. Thank you so much for the mention Laura & your lovely words! I loved the glitter comment too :-D loads of love & (sparkly) hugs xx Ali

  3. I'm constantly touched that anyone reads the random things I write but it's kind of awe inspiring to be in the same list as all of these amazing ladies! I actually think there are a few blogs on here I hadn't seen before. I cam see a reading marathon coming up soon ^^
    *hugs & bonus spoons*

    Sally xx